Top 5 Market Research Survey Tips

Time flies when you work hard! I've completed my first year at Drive Research, a market research company serving Rochester, NY, and over the past year I've written nearly 50 blogs! Forty-eight to be precise. Can you believe it?

It has definitely been an exciting, fast-paced first year. And, it's safe to say I've learned a lot.

In those 48 blogs, I've written about various market research topics and Drive Research updates. A topic that I tend to come back to and discuss further are surveys. There are tons of market research survey tips I've learned over the years, and this year in particular, as surveys become more agile and respondent-oriented.

Below is a review of the top 5 market research survey tips over the past year.

Top 5 Market Research Survey Tips

Check out the top 5 market research survey tips!

Survey Tip #1: You Should Offer A Reward For Your Market Research Survey

Everyone likes to win something! It's honestly as simple as that. Remember rewards should be used to entice participation and there are best practices for different types of market research studies.

The post discusses a few key market research reward factors:

1. The golden rule, or the fact that rewards are important and help draw in those people who are on the fence about submitting a response.

2. Rewards entice completes. You may be able to get 1000 completes rather than 300 if the reward is well aligned with the research.

3. Know that some cannot accept a reward.

4. Even if participants can't accept a reward, you can still offer the opportunity to donate to the participant's favorite charity.

5. Last but not least, spread awareness of the winners.

Learn more about why you should offer a reward for your market research survey.


Survey Tip #2: How to Prevent Common Online Survey Issues

Trust me, I've seen good things and bad things when it comes to online survey. Sometimes, I'm left wondering how the common survey mistakes discussed below happen. Luckily the market research pros are here to save you from making one of these common online survey mistakes.

Common issues include:

1. Not doing a test drive. Remember, no matter how confident you are that your online survey will work perfectly always run a test drive with a few respondents.

2. Creating false expectation. Market researchers need to be honest and transparent about how long the survey takes to complete, how many questions is in the survey, and the reward offered for participating.

3. Neglecting appearance and language. Challenge yourself to become more respondent oriented. Put yourself in the shoes of a respondent. You'd want a survey to be quick, easy to read/understand, and look nice too!

4. Not capitalizing on known information. Don't ask questions you already know the answer to.

Learn more about how to prevent common online survey issues.

Survey Tip #3: Watch Out For These Online Survey Respondents

There are 4 types of online survey respondents that scare the &#$% out of market research firms. Quality data in market research is everything,  which means as researchers we have to watch out for speeders, professional survey takers, the ones who don't read directions, and tech wizs.

Learn how to identify and handle each of these online survey respondents to watch out for.

Survey Tip #4: How to Write a Survey

Let's get back to the basics! In this post, I discussed 4 survey designs tips. Writing a survey is more than just writing down questions and answers.

Below are 4 survey flow tips to consider:

1. Start with qualifying or screener questions.

2. Next, move on to general questions.

3. Get more specific in towards the middle and end of the survey.

4. End the survey with demographic questions.

Get the full run down on how to write a survey.

Survey Tip #5: Consider Continuous Customer Feedback Surveys

Looking for a competitive edge? This one is for you. A goal for many organizations is to become more customer-centric. Organizations that receive continuous feedback from customers will stay in-tune to their needs and wants which position the organization to evolve as customers do.

Learn more about the options for continuous customer feedback surveys.

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