6 Types of Engaging Market Research Survey Questions

In the world of market research creating engaging surveys is crucial. It is no longer enough to just create an online survey. Online surveys also need to be mobile optimized and engaging.

Wondering why? Creating an engaging survey leads to highly engaged respondents and higher quality data. Attention spans are already short, so instead of creating a boring, "traditional" survey use engaging questions to keep a hold on respondents' attention.

Check out 6 types of engaging questions to ask in a market research survey below.

6 Types of Engaging Market Research Survey Questions

Change ordinary surveys to engaging surveys with these questions below!

Engaging Survey Question #1: Drag and Drop Ranking

Drag and drop ranking questions are a great way to switch up traditional ranking survey questions. Survey respondents drag factors from the left box to the right box. Once a factor is dropped into the box on the right, factors are ranked from "1" being most important to "6" being least important. All factors must be ranked in order to proceed to the next survey question.

Engaging Survey Question #2: Slider Scale

Slider scale questions are an easy way switch up traditional likert scale questions. For this type of slider scale question there are 5 answer options. The cursor is shown in the neutral position and respondents can move the cursor to the right or left depending on their level of satisfaction.

This type of question can easily be applied to all sorts of likert scale questions such as frequency of use, level of agreement, and more. Slider scale questions are also useful when asking respondents to provide a number or percentage (e.g. the percentage of their income they spend on housing).

Engaging Survey Question #3: Star Rating

Star rating survey questions is a fun way to ask rating questions. Respondents are shown a list of factors and they can quickly give star ratings to each. These questions need very little instruction which makes the survey seem quick and to the point.

Engaging Survey Question #4: Image Select

This survey question embeds pictures as response options which respondents can select. A great way to use this type of survey question is to ask awareness of products, but there are countless ways this type of question can be used in market research surveys. Using pictures for response options are an easy to incorporate images in surveys that require respondents to read a lot of text.

Engaging Survey Question #5: Text Highlight

Want to ask for feedback on text? Text highlight survey questions are a great way to accomplish this. Respondents simply highlight text and a box pops up asking if respondents like the text (which highlights the text in green) or dislike the text (which highlights the text in pink). Respondents are also able to provide open-ended feedback in a text box for each section of text that is highlighted.

Engaging Survey Question #6: Image Highlight

Similar to text highlight questions, image highlight survey questions ask respondents to select sections of an image and provide feedback. The respondent can click sections of the image they like (which highlights the section in green) and sections of the image they don't like (which highlights the section in pink). Image highlight questions are used to test new advertisements, logos, and other types of images and graphics.

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