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Drive Research is excited to reveal and announce a new opportunity to work with our team! We've recently launched an in-house market research panel to assist our clients with their data and feedback needs. As a client, are you wondering about the benefits of using a market research panel? Read more here.

If you want to be a participant, we are now accepting sign-ups.

  • Want to give your thoughts on a new product?
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We're ready listen. Tell us. We’re all ears! We'd love to know what you think. We've always been fascinated with reading the minds of consumers, so this will make it a little easier for us. At Drive Research, we’re constantly seeking opinions from people, analyzing their feedback, and then work to present the results to our partners and clients in a easily digestible fashion. No one wants data and chart overload these days.

Now if you are a participant, you might be wondering, what’s in it for me? The short answer is, a lot! By providing your thoughts and opinions you will you be directly helping businesses and organizations succeed. Our market research services aim to help local markets like Syracuse, so oftentimes your feedback will be put to work at local businesses, which helps our community. Also, depending on the type of research, we offer a variety of rewards ranging from gift cards to cash. Learn the different ways you can participate in market research below.

Want to share your thoughts and opinions? Drive Research is here to listen.

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We make providing feedback to business easy so you can help them succeed!

By signing up here are the types of market research studies you'd participate in.

Participate in Market Research | Here’s Your Chance!


Surveys come in different forms ranging from paper to phone to online. While each has an ideal time and place, nowadays surveys are most commonly conducted online. All of our market research surveys are mobile-friendly, so even when you're on the run you can still participate. The online surveys at Drive Research typically take 2 to 3 minutes to complete, less time than putting dishes away and more fun (we think). At the conclusion of your participation in many of these surveys you'll be given the opportunity to enter yourself into raffled off rewards, gift cards, and other prizes.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are one of the most discussed types of research these days. Just drawing on recent pop culture, I bet most can recall those AT&T “focus group” commercials featuring kids from a few years back. For the followers on our blog, you know we're not big fans of the Chevy focus groups but at least the draw some attention to our work in the mainstream media. While these focus groups are much different than a typical focus group, they do depict the overall goal which is to get in-depth feedback from consumers or a key audience.

A focus group typically lasts between 1 to 2 hours and participants are often provided cash for their participation promptly at the end of the focus group. During a focus group, a moderator will pose questions to the group and the participants are provided with a brief question or participation packet. Think of the participation packet as a very short paper survey. Participants are asked to answer specific questions in the packet before the moderator dives into the next topic which helps guide the discussion smoothly.

In-depth Interviews (IDIs)

While in-depth interviews seem imply the interview lasts hours, they don't. Think of them as a mix between a survey and focus group. During an in-depth interview, a researcher asks questions one-on-one. Typically, the conversation takes 15 to 30 minutes and participants are offered cash for their participation.

In my experience, in-depth interviews are more commonly used when conducting research with B2B professionals. For example, suppose Example Company ABC is merging with another company and its overall branding of the merged company is changing. Example Company ABC may conduct IDIs with key customers and consumers to see how this change will affect their purchasing decisions as well as other factors.

Mystery Shopping

As one of the most asked about forms of research, mystery shopping is where someone completes a task with an organization. This task could range from entering a new bank to provide feedback on the account opening experience to going to a retail store to rate the customer service and experience. The mystery shopping process can last between 15 minutes to 1 hour. Typically, mystery shoppers are offered cash or a gift card as a thank you for their participation.

Remember, sharing is caring. The opinions you share directly impact business decisions!

Sharing is Caring - Join Us

Interested in offering your feedback on future studies and providing local businesses with the data the need to make actionable improvements to the customer experience? We’d love to know what you think. 

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