Month in Review: July 2017

month review july 2017 drive researchSummer 2017 is in full swing! Wondering what we're excited about? In July, the Drive Research team has taken a few road trips, added more credentials, welcomed new clients, completed several projects, and supported local events. Clearly, we’ve been having a great summer (even though the Upstate New York weather has been less than cooperative the past few months).

Now that we're putting the clouds behind us, we’re looking forward to the rest of summer and are geared up to see what’s in store for our team.

Below are a few of our highlights from July.

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Foodie and Tech Lovers Galore

On Wednesday, July 19th Emily, Research Analyst, attended Tech Meets Taste at The Tech Garden with CenterState CEO and tons of other tech lovers and foodies! Tech Meets Taste is one of her favorite summer networking events in Syracuse. In her opinion, this event gets a net promoter score (NPS) rating of +100, meaning attendees are very likely to recommend it. With tons of great samples and organizations, what's not to love?

Interested in learning more about NPS? We can help you out with that!

Hello, Tech Meets Taste!

Emily is Making Headlines… Again!

We were so excited to see that Emily was featured in The Post-Standard! If you’ve been keeping track, Emily has been featured in several news outlets for joining the Drive Research team including The Post-Standard,, Quirks, the Central New York Business Journal. Where will you see her next?

Look who made the paper again!

Coffee + Teamwork = Success

In case you haven’t heard, teamwork (plus coffee) makes the dream work! George and Emily held a meeting at Freedom of Espresso, which is definitely one of the pros of being virtual. Work anywhere, work everywhere. Here's to working in places that spark creativity (which may have something to do with the coffee)!

Drive Research is fueled by coffee (pun alert)!

We’re YouTubers

Ever wonder what the Drive Research report process looks like from start to finish? Emily shared her 6 quick tips for a better market research report. Watch the short video below.

Emily divulges her reporting secrets!

The post takes a dive into best practices when creating a market research report from beginning to end. It’s especially helpful for new report writers, those looking for a well thought-out reporting process, and buyers of market research looking for insight on what it takes to create a report.

Looking for more videos from Drive Research? Check out the Drive Research YouTube channel.

Emily Completed VoC Research Certification

Since it’s almost back to school season, Emily was excited to put her learning cap on to complete a Voice of Customer (VoC) research certification course! The course got us thinking, are there best questions to ask in VoC research? If so, what are they and why are they so important?

Learn the 5 must-have VoC research questions.

It's official! Emily is VoC certified!

Completed Project Spotlight: Feasibility Study for Condos

In the spring of 2017, the Drive Research team completed a feasibility study for condos. The residential feasibility study consisted of several components that helped developers understand the market, current demand, and competition in the area.

The goal for feasibility studies is to answer key questions and provide a holistic view of the market so smart decisions can be made before embarking on a project. Looking for more details? A case study was created which reviews the objectives, approach, and report.

Learn more about this condo feasibility case study.

Want to know if your idea will take off? Consider feasibility research!

New Testimonial Spotlight: loanDepot

On a time crunch and looking for market research results fast? We can provide insight on data within 48 hours. Fast, right? Below is a testimonial from loanDepot. We completed an entire market research project for them including a kickoff, survey design, programming, fieldwork for 400 surveys, a report, and insights in just a few days. We are Drive Research after all, so we move fast.

Read the full testimonial below.

Thrilled we could help the loanDepot team!

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