Creative Ways to Generate Leads | Market Research Surveys

Are your lead generation efforts getting stale? Trying to find new ways to grow your business and generate new leads? Rather than going back to the drawing board or refining old strategies with new messaging, consider lead generation surveys and market research. It's a fresh, innovative, and powerful way to attack lead generation.

In this post, we outline how the lead generation survey process works and the benefits of the process. We work with a number of clients who find tremendous value in maximizing return on their survey efforts. Our team has some clients who come to us to learn more about non-customers (profiles, satisfaction with competitors, etc.) and ultimately work a question in about follow-up. While we have others that come to us because they want leads but find additional value in the strategic data collected (the decision-making process, segments of customers, why they do not buy, etc.)

Creative Ways to Generate Leads | Market Research Surveys

Interested in conducting a lead generation survey for your company? The benefits are multi-pronged. The data and feedback drives strategy while at the same time your business collects valuable leads for follow-up calls.


Clients often partner with Drive Research to conduct lead generation surveys with end-user decision-makers. This market research provides dual-benefits to our clients. The first benefit is collecting vital decision-making criteria, profiling information, and behavioral data which can educate marketing decisions. The second benefit is the survey will serve as a lead generator for the sales team to build awareness for the sponsoring client as well as tangible leads to introduce relationship and revenue.

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Setup and Design

To address the objectives at-hand, Drive Research typically recommends a telephone survey methodology. At the kickoff meeting, Drive will work with our client team to identify criteria to purchase a targeted list of end-user decision-makers from our preferred vendor. This would include targeted roles, titles, business sizes, and industries using SIC codes. This list which will include B2B names, phone numbers, and addresses will be passed to the client as another deliverable for the project as a raw Excel CSV file.

Another option is to administer the survey through social media: Facebook or LinkedIn. Through this outreach our lead generation company can target specific profiles based on company size, title, role, department, geography, etc. This works similar to purchasing a targeted phone list.

Drive Research will design a 10 to 15 question survey that will last no longer than 3 to 5 minutes. Questions may include areas such as decision-making factors when choosing a company, products and service usage, awareness and perceptions of the client, satisfaction with current usage and manufacturer of products, usage of marketing sources and information, and a final question which will ask the participant if they would like a follow-up from a sponsoring client expert.


The survey will be programmed online so it can be completed through computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI). If the survey is done online, it is programmed into an online survey software. Real-time results will be made available to the client. A passcode protected link will be shared which will allow the client team to view the data tabulated as it is collected.

Any survey respondents who request a follow-up from a sponsoring client will be flagged and passed to the team within 24 business hours. Telephone calls will be placed in the afternoon and after-hours to accommodate businesses on the West Coast. Calls for B2B studies are usually placed between 1:00 PM and 8:00 PM on Monday through Friday. Several different hourly packages are proposed which can be selected from including 20 hours, 30 hours, and 40 hours per month. This can be customized to fit your budget.

Monthly Reporting

In addition to the real-time data, Drive Research will prepare a monthly summary report that will highlight the key data findings from the market research. This report will add key interpretations, insights, and recommendations to be acted upon for marketing and sales teams. This may include items to improve marketing messaging, manage marketing budgets in appropriate channels, understand competitive usage, and opportunities to build awareness of the client brand. The Drive Research team will be available each month to debrief and meet with the client team to update them on the process and discuss the market research findings. Drive Research will very much act like a business consultant throughout this market research process.

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