How to Execute a Mystery Shopping Program for a Franchise

There is a great deal of trust involved in franchising a business. Many franchise locations operate largely independent of the franchisor. With such a variety of locations and franchisees, how do you know if your customers are receiving a consistent, high-quality experience? One valuable way to become more informed is through mystery shopping.

Mystery shopping is a market research methodology in which mystery “shoppers” pose as customers to evaluate a process or gather data about a product or service. It can be a powerful tool for franchisors to anonymously audit customer experience among various store locations and learn how they differ. 

By executing a mystery shopping program for a franchise model, different locations can be compared based on various factors such as cleanliness, customer satisfaction, store layout, knowledge of services or products by staff, friendliness of staff, and so on. 

Not sure where to start with mystery shopping for your franchise? Check out three important components in the post below.

mystery shopping for franchises with drive research

Implementing a mystery shopping model for franchises can assure all store locations are following brand standards and maintaining a positive customer experience. Understand these 3 major components to get started.

#1: Know more about the location of each branch.

Mystery shopping for a franchise can be used to obtain the nitty-gritty details of what customers encounter every day. Learn about the unique traits of a location such as parking options, staff, proximity to competitive stores, etc.

Locations can be compared by these measures, or a single franchise can be explored in detail. Perhaps there is a specific branch that consistently receives the lowest reviews of any franchise.

Consider secret shopping to observe any negative factors during a typical customer experience. This same approach could be used to pinpoint what a location does exceptionally well if it regularly boasts the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

By testing the two locations, managers are presented with factual evidence and data to understand how their store can improve and perform on the same level as the top branch. 

Competitor franchises may also be evaluated via a competitive assessment. Mystery shopping can be a main component in.

Learn more about the value of mystery shopping and how to plan for success

#2: Have a brand standard and make sure everyone complies with it.

Let’s say you run a restaurant with 15 franchise locations and a different owner at each location. You have been receiving general complaints about the brand not making food the same way across multiple dining experiences. A conversation with each of the franchisees results in the same answer of adherence to the franchise guidelines. 

A great way to get to the bottom of a situation like this is to conduct mystery shopping at each of the franchise locations. Mystery shoppers can take note of the customer service, how the food was prepared, the restaurant appearance, the taste of the food, and countless other aspects of the customer experience.

As head of a franchise or upper-level management of a store, it can be difficult to know exactly what goes on in the day to day business. A mystery shopper can help overcome challenges and verify if all brand standards or practices are in place at a specific location.

Random check-ins from franchisor employees can work, but the best way to know what really happens is through the lens of a customer.

#3: Choose the appropriate mystery shopping provider.

A self-assessment may seem like a good idea, but there are several advantages of hiring a mystery shopping firm to audit your franchise customer experiences. To start off, using a third party firm gives you the most candid look at your business. Mystery shoppers with no connection to the franchise will greatly reduce bias and prevent employees from having an unnatural reaction to any questions.

You can also rely on the expertise of a mystery shopping firm. The planning stage of a mystery shopping effort alone is a time-consuming and complicated process. Some of the materials needed include mystery shopper instructions, an efficient way to record the data, and a schedule of the mystery shops. Research firms with the right experience will handle all the logistics and deliver actionable results. 

To mystery shop franchises, a market research provider with a history of retail and consumer studies is a strong qualifier. You will want a mystery shopping firm that is familiar with a range of customer experiences and knows just what to look for.

Lastly, a mystery shopping market research company like Drive Research can offer a detailed yet digestible report. A market research report will help breakdown the feedback from mystery shoppers per location as well as compare and contrast each branch.

A market research report delivered by Drive Research will also include recommendations and action items for next steps after the mystery shopping program is completed. 

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