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There are several differences between B2C and B2B surveys. But first, let's start with a definition of each. A B2C survey stands for business-to-consumer. These B2C surveys are targeted towards general consumers. A B2B survey stands for business-to-business. These B2B surveys are targeted towards business professionals or those with working occupations.

Although the process is very similar when conducting a B2C and B2B survey, each have their own challenges. Each produce different response rates, sample sizes, and often require separate methodologies to achieve goals.

Here is some more information on 3 major differences between B2C and B2B surveys from our market research company in NY.

Differences Between a B2B and B2C Survey | Market Research NY

In this post we discuss the differences between a B2C and B2B. Drive Research is a business customer survey company in Upstate New York.

Response Rates

B2B surveys are much more niche and targeted than a general B2C survey. Surveys are targeted to business professionals of certain titles or roles. The topic of the survey revolves around business decision-making, process, and business sales. Because this audience works in a professional environment, responses rates can prove to be difficult. It's not unrealistic to see response rates to B2B customer or non-customer surveys at 2% or less. B2C response rates often stand a stronger change to be higher.

Sample Sizes

This one relates to lower response rates but it also relates to small pools. Since the audience is more targeted than a general population sample, there may not as many respondents available to complete your survey. Both the lower response rate and smaller sample sizes make it more difficult for a market research company in NY to produce stronger data reliability. As the targets and titles get more specific, it becomes more difficult to obtain responses.

Multi-Mode Approach

When it comes to B2B surveys, it often takes several methodologies to obtain survey responses. Meaning you can send an initial email invitation and a reminder, but it may take a reminder phone call or two to maximize return. Because it is a B2B audience that may have less time to take a survey than a general consumer, it is helpful to spread out your contacts across multiple modes.

Since you are calling business numbers it is helpful to try to reach them at various times. With most owning smart phones now and so many checking emails after hours, invites and reminders sent after 5:00 p.m. can still produce a strong return with B2B surveys.

What is the B2B Survey Process?

Here are the steps involved in working on a B2B survey project:

(1) Proposal

(2) Kickoff meeting

(3) Project workplan

(4) Survey design

(5) Survey programming

(6) Survey testing

(7) Test drive

(8) Full launch

(9) Data quality checks

(10) Analysis

(11) Reporting

(12) Debrief

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