Case Study: National Wireless Carrier Survey

Drive Research recently conducted a national survey for a national wireless carrier. The survey was conducted over a 5-day period (3-business days) to meet the aggressive and quick turn-around for the client. The survey was kicked off on a Friday and was completed by Tuesday. The final deliverable was a topline report with executive summary of themes with a question-by-question breakdown of results.

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Drive Research partnered with Critical Mix on a survey.


Critical Mix partnered with our market research company to conduct an online survey in March 2018 regarding the perception of wireless carrier network quality. The research was designed to: (1) understand consumer perception of network coverage, (2) identify factors that influence the decision to switch carriers, and (3) measure the value of third-party research on network quality to the consumer.


To address the objectives at-hand, an online survey was conducted with customers who use one of two national carriers. Users of other carriers were disqualified from the survey. Online surveys are cost-effective, offer a quick turn- around, are measurable, and gather quality data. This research was conducted using the Critical Mix national online panel of respondents.

Fieldwork began on March 9 and lasted until March 12. The survey consisted of approximately 21 questions and took respondents 5 minutes to complete. A total of 500 responses were collected with 250 responses from those who use the carrier for their primary mobile device, and 250 respondents who use Verizon for their primary mobile device. A copy of the full survey script can be viewed in the appendix of this report.

The entire project was completed within 3 business days. This included survey design and programming on a Friday, fieldwork over a weekend, and reporting on Monday with a report being delivered on Tuesday to the client.


Although the results remain confidential with the client, the survey covered a number of topics on national wireless carriers. The survey inquired about current perception of network coverage, how the perception is formed, how network quality was defined by customers, what influences switching carriers, the value of independent third-party research, and the likelihood to recommend providers.

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