Case Study: In-Person Interview Recruit in NYC with M/WBE Business Owners

case study in person interview recruit nycA qualitative recruit with business owners can be tough. Many who own small businesses do not have the time to participate in research which can create a tricky recruit. However, our unique approach to recruiting with a highly digital process and focus. This digital targeting allows us to laser-focus our efforts on participants who qualify based on the criteria.

Read more about the M/WBE market research recruit held in New York City this may by Drive Research and our friends from California.

Drive Research recently completed a qualitative recruiting project with M/WBE business owners in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens in New York City.


Drive Research recently worked with a UX market research company looking to hire a market research company to recruit participants for individual interviews conducted in-person. Additional standby participants were also recruited. This was done to account for any cancellations or no-shows. The qualitative interviews were held in New York, NY on two consecutive days in May. In-person interviews were hosted at the place of employment for the B2B participants.


The focus for participant recruitment is minority and women-owned business (M/WBE) owners. Participants need to own a small business with at least one location in NYC (6 of 6), are M/WBE certified with the others being eligible but have not yet applied. Recruits worked in a variety of industries. Genders were split by 3 women and 3 men. The participants needed to be the person who deals with the city, state, or federal government when it comes to certifications for M/WBE applications. Several participants recruited mentioned English was not their first language which was a requirement for the recruit. A mix of those who applied for M/WBE status online and on paper were recruited. All used technology for shopping and banking online, social media, and email in transactions with the city.

Participants were recruited online and then re-screened through phone confirmation calls. Each participant received a reminder call, confirmation email, and confirmation texts.


Although the research objectives and interview details remain confidential with the client, the project aimed to improved the M/WBE application process for users. It was critical to speak with minority and women-owned businesses in New York City to obtain this feedback. Participants were rewarded with $200 for their time as part of the 60-minute on-site interview.

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