Case Study: Data Backup and Recovery Service Online Survey

Case Study: Data Backup and Recovery Service Online Survey

What were the objectives of the market research?

Drive Research recently partnered with EVault and Carbonite, a global data backup and recovery company to complete an online survey. The objective(s) of the market research were to identify factors most important to IT professionals and users when choosing a data backup and recovery service, usage of specific products, likelihood to recommend products, and satisfaction levels with products. The ultimate goal of the market research was to leverage the data to compare the client's product to 3 other key competitors in the market. The data would provide the client with a breakdown of satisfaction levels for separate factors which impact decisions to choose products.

What was the approach and methodology of the market research?

The market research was conducted through an online survey. The survey lasted approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Respondents were screened to ensure they use data backup and recovery products as well as one of the four products addressed through follow-up questions. Drive Research partnered with an online panel vendor to collect over 200 completed surveys from IT professionals across a mix of industries. Fieldwork was completed over 2 business days and quotas were established to keep within a budget. The entire project took a total of 2 weeks from kickoff through completion.

What were the results of the market research?

Survey results were broken down by each of the client's product and the 3 competitors tested in the survey. This infographic breakdown included a comparison in likelihood to recommend and satisfaction scores for several categories. The client was able to spotlight the areas in which it scored higher than the competitive products which included likelihood to recommend and many of the categories tested. A series of approximately 5 information sheet one-pagers were created for the content team to promote its product across sales channels and social media. In addition to the information sheets, nearly 10 infographics were created using a variety of data visualization techniques to share on social media with links to more information. In addition, 20 data and research nuggets were created to share on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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