Customer Panels

customer panels with Drive Research

Working With Our National Customer Panel Services 

Customer panels are a group of pre-qualified and pre-screened respondents who have agreed to participate in market research activities for a company in the future.

It's a core group of respondents who are willing to provide in-depth, relevant, and timely feedback when you need it. As response rates to surveys have declined, many companies across the world have turned to in-house customer panels for their voice of customer (VoC) needs.

Approach to Customer Panels 

Drive Research works with your project team to understand the objectives of the customer panel. Then, Drive creates a project workplan, timeline, and next steps. The panel registration form is drafted, invitations are drafted, scheduled use of the panel is defined, and panel rewards are determined before the "go" button is pressed.

The panel is set up for continuous monitoring of data and participant quality as well as recruitment of new members. Drive believes in creating a long-term vision for the panel so all the steps are aligned.

Drive Research follows an organized and structured process as we develop our national custom-built client panels. It's a very iterative process between Drive Research and your team to ensure the vision for the customer panel is well-aligned.

We provide a dedicated account manager who is in charge of all tasks and daily needs for your customer panel. We work as an extension of your team. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a national or regional customer panel the right way, but once a customer panel is functional, the value is tremendous. Both from the ability to collect data inexpensively and fast, and the ability to build better customer relationships.

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