Case Study: Campground Association Survey Research

Drive Research enjoys working with a lot of clients, but especially the ones close to home in Upstate New York. Such is the case with recently completed camping study with the a campground organization in New York State in partnership with an advertising agency.

For this project, market research was used to lay the foundation of marketing and strategy for the client. They wanted to use survey data to ensure next steps aligned with the expectations and perceptions of their audiences (both members and consumers).

Key points of understanding including motivations for camping, importance of factors when choosing a campground, and differences between state campgrounds and private or family campgrounds.

The data and feedback was essential to base strategies on facts and evidence. It ensured the branding and marketing campaigns were on target.

Case Study: Campground Association Survey Research

The surveys instituted by Drive Research covered a number of objectives for both the association member and consumer audiences.


In May 2018, a campground organization partnered with Drive Research to conduct market research for its members and consumers. The market research study provided the clients with answers to its core objectives. These objectives included understanding brand identity, perceptions, drivers for usage, and other secondary goals. The market research helped optimize operations, marketing, and strategies for a rebranding campaign taking place with the clients. The market research ensures the process is well-aligned with member and consumer feedback.


To address the objectives at-hand, Drive Research recommended using a combination of 2 separate email surveys: (1) an email survey to members with telephone call reminders and (2) an email survey to a consumer list provided by the client. When used in combination these surveys addressed all primary and secondary objectives. Online surveys are cost-effective, offer a quick turn-around, are measurable, and gather quality feedback. The combination of these 4 benefits creates a strong ROI.

Fieldwork for the surveys was conducted from May 23, 2018 to June 11, 2018. The member survey included a total of 23 questions and took approximately 5 to 7 minutes to complete.

A total of 95 member responses were collected (a +/- 8.0% margin of error). Drive Research conducted 10 hours of follow-up calling with members which generated an overall 25% response rate.

The consumer survey included a total of 20 questions and took approximately 3 to 5 minutes to complete. A total of 764 consumer responses were collected (a +/- 3.4% margin of error).


Although the results remain confidential with the client, several objectives were addressed in the study. These objectives from each of the 2 audiences are outlined below.

Business Members and Associates Survey

① How do members become aware of the client?

② What is the membership perception of the client?

③ What benefits are most valuable to the client's members?

④ How satisfied are members with the client's events?

Consumer Survey

① How do consumers learn about campgrounds?

② How do consumers select a campground?

③ What resources do consumers use?

④ Preference for family-owned vs. public campgrounds?

⑤ What does the consumer audience look like?

At the conclusion of the market research Drive Research prepared a comprehensive report for the client. This included an executive summary of themes, recommendations, an infographic, respondent personas, and a question-by-question breakdown of results in the appendix for the clients.

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