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Intercept surveys are still one of the most utilized methodologies in market research because of the ability to capture participant feedback live and in-the-moment. Intercept surveys are an excellent way to collect feedback at the location where the customer experience (CX) actually took place. Not 2 weeks later through an online survey, 2 months later through a phone survey, or 10 weeks later through a mail customer satisfaction survey. It happens immediately.

Our intercept survey firm has been fortunate enough to work with some powerful regional and national organizations and brands. Helping them collect some valuable intercept survey feedback from those who have attended conferences, fairs, events, malls, storefronts, and sports games with over 70,000 fans.

We've compiled a list of intercept survey related posts which others have found extremely helpful as they look to get started with a project of their own. These articles are compiled from past writings and range from tips, to step-by-step processes, to choosing the best methodology.

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3 Out of the Box Tips to Increase Intercept Survey Response Rates

This article discusses 3 unique ways to increase response rates and draw more attention to your intercept survey work at your location. These tips range from using a hunter to pulling participants aside to having fun and being creative with your work.

A hunter is a person who excels at going out and asking respondents to participate and then funnels them to interviewers. The second tips teaches you to try and pull respondents aside to sit or relax while taking the survey, which gives you more time. In this scenario, participants are often much more patient. Finally, it teaches interviewers to have fun and be creative with reach-outs. Simply asking respondents to "participate in a survey" may be too boring and unexciting.

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Benefits of Using Offline Intercept Surveys

When an intercept survey firm is forced to conduct market research at a crowded and popular event or game which draws thousands of people, WiFi and 3G or 4G can be unreliable. The free or paid network is often overwhelmed which can make your online intercept survey on your tablet come to a grinding halt.

Consider using offline intercept surveys which can be conducted on a tablet or phone without the need for a WiFi or network connection. Survey feedback is uploaded once the on-site fieldwork is concluded. You'll thank yourself. Nothing can be more frustrating for an interviewer than a buffering tablet mid-interview.

Learn more about offline tablet survey capabilities here.

4 Reasons Why In-The-Moment Feedback is Best with Intercept Surveys

As we mentioned earlier, it's hard to argue with the value of in-the-moment intercept survey feedback. It is accurate, collected in real-time, immediately actionable, and is viewed as credible in the eyes of the participant. These 4 benefits create incredibly valuable data for both the intercept survey firm and client alike.

Everything you need to know about in-the-moment intercept survey feedback is here.

5 More Intercept Survey Tips

Rather than jumping right into your intercept survey project, we recommend planning and reading up on tips and tricks of the trade from those with experience. In this post, we discuss 5 intercept survey tips to help you succeed.

The first tip is drawing attention to your team. If you're not noticed, it will be difficult to draw interest. The second tip suggests looking the part by wearing company t-shirts, lanyards, and signs. Other tips involve working on the introduction, quality and quantity, and acting as if you were the client. Perspective is everything.

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3 Reasons to Choose Self-Administered Intercept Surveys

When it comes to intercept surveys, you don't always need an interviewer. There are other options. One of which is self-administered intercept surveys where participants complete the survey on the tablet themselves.

This creates 3 main benefits for an intercept survey firm: it is faster than administering with an interviewer, it eliminates any interviewer bias, and reduces distractions.

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Here are those self-administered intercept survey benefits explained in more detail.

How Do Mall Intercept Surveys Work?

Mall intercept surveys may be one of the most long-tenured forms of on-site surveys. If this is the intercept survey project on your radar, we've got you covered. In this post we discuss how the mall intercept survey projects work moving you from kickoff to setup, design, fieldwork, and reporting. After reading it, you'll be ready to roll.

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Intercept Survey Case Study

Now that you've read up on all the intercept survey information and hopefully answered several of your questions, we saved an actual case study to share with you at the end.

This article is a recap of a recently completed intercept survey project at the 13-day New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY. The event drew more than 1 million people. Over 600 participated in the event survey as they exited the Fair over the 2+ weeks.

Read more about the objectives, process, and outcomes of the Fair intercept survey project here.

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