5 Advanced Survey Question Examples

Advanced survey questions might sound confusing and difficult, but the truth is they are very similar to other types of survey questions. The goal of all survey questions is to answer a question in order to provide direction for a client or organization.

Below are examples of 5 advanced survey questions including: (1) audio sentiment, (2) video sentiment, (3) conjoint, (4) max diff, and (5) semantic differential.

Each question type shows an example image of how a question looks, describes how a question is used, and discusses how the question can be customized. Not to mention all of these advanced survey questions can be made mobile friendly!

5 Advanced Survey Question Examples

Check out these examples of advanced survey questions!

What is an audio sentiment survey question?

Below is an example of an audio sentiment survey question. This question asks exactly what your are thinking, "What do you think about this audio clip?"

A link to an audio clip is embedded directly into the question and respondents are able to provide feedback using the slider scale. The text at the ends of the slider scale can be customized and updated to meet the objective of the study.

Survey respondents simply press play, listen to the audio clip, and slide the scale to indicate how much they liked or disliked the audio clip.

What is a conjoint survey question?

Here's an example of a conjoin survey question. Conjoint questions shows survey respondents a random set of "cards". The respondent is then asked to pick which is the most appealing and which is the least appealing.

Each card has a random and unique set of attributions and levels. The "best" and "worst" labels can be updated based on the needs of the study. Also, the attributes (meaning "brand" and "price") and levels (meaning "brand 1" and "brand 2", and price point "$" and price point "$$") can be updated. The number of attributes and levels for each attribute can be customized.

What is a video sentiment survey question?

Below is an example of a video sentiment survey question. This is another question that you are likely able to quickly understand. Similar to the audio sentiment survey question, this question asks respondents to provide feedback on a video clip.

To create this question, a link to the video clip is embedded into the question and text at the end of the slider scale are customized. Survey respondents can easily press play to watch the video clip and then use the slider scale to provide feedback on how much they liked/disliked the video clip.

What is a max diff survey question?

Now for an example of a max diff survey question. It's used to test several different attributes on a best/positive to worst/negative scale. Unlike other question types, max diff lists several different attributes and forces respondents to pick the "best" and "worst".

For these types of questions, the attributes (meaning the brands listed) and the positive term (meaning "like most") and negative term (meaning "like least") can be customized.

To calculate a max diff score you simply take the difference between the most and least preferred. So if 40% of your respondents chose Brand 1 as most preferred and 10% chose Brand 1 as least preferred your max diff score for Brand 1 is +30.

What is a semantic differential survey question?

Here's an example of a semantic differential question. It is somewhat similar to a likert scale question since it provides survey respondents the option to choose a level/rank on a scale.

Semantic differential questions are unique because they place opposite words on either end of the scale. For the example below, the word happy is at one end of a 5 point scale and the word sad is at the other end.

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