11 Ad Concept Testing Example Survey Questions to Steal Right Now

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Ad concept testing – we are obsessed with it, and you should be too! After all, creating marketing and advertising campaigns based on consumer feedback can mean more ROI for your brand. 

How to know if your feeling of having the best advertising messaging really checks out? It's easy. You need to conduct ad concept testing surveys with the right questions. 

In this blog post, you will get 11 professionally designed ad concept testing survey question examples to steal for your next study.

Defining Ad Concept Testing Surveys

An ad concept test is essentially exactly what it sounds like…it tests ad concepts! 

This type of project usually starts when a brand or organization has a few different advertising concepts, and the team would like to choose one to hone in on. 

The audience for concept testing surveys can be current customers, potential customers, or both! 

So rather than disseminating several ads, the team can test several different ad concepts and understand which are best -- ie. most appealing and most likely to persuade a customer to act. 

Additionally, this type of research can also provide feedback on ways to improve the ad design and messaging further.

The advantages are endless! We dive into them in our blog post 6 Unique Benefits of Concept Testing with Surveys.

To learn more about ad concept testing, watch this video.

The Ad Concept Testing Process

Most online survey projects follow the same market research process. This is why we don't recommend working with a marketing agency for ad concept testing.

While there are various reasons for this, the most substantial is most do not have the experience conducting surveys.

Garbage in = garbage out. A market research company like Drive Research can promise high-quality survey results that assist in data-driven marketing campaigns.

The process of an ad concept test with our market research company includes the following simple steps: 

  1. Contact Drive Research. Share your objectives, goals, target audience, timeline, and other helpful information to provide an accurate project cost. Click here for a free market research RFP template.
  2. Drive Research creates a custom proposal. After learning more about your unique needs, our team creates a custom proposal that details our process, workplan, timeline, costs, and more.
  3. Join a project kickoff meeting. Once the proposal is signed, we’re ready to launch the ad concept test project. During the kickoff meeting, you’ll meet your dedicated project team and discuss your goals for the study.
  4. Design ad concept survey questions. Based on the objects discussed in the kickoff meeting, our online survey company begins drafting the questionnaire. Each survey is custom-written to assure your unique goals are met.
  5. Approve the ad concept questionnaire. Your research analyst will send a Google doc. that includes the survey design. This is your opportunity to approve of the questions, answer options, and provide any edits you see fit.
  6. Program the survey. After your approval of the survey, the Drive Research team programs the survey into an online component. Your team is provided a testing link to see first-hand how respondents will take the survey.
  7. Send the survey into fieldwork. Our fieldwork process is broken into two parts: a soft launch and a full launch. The soft-launch phase is where we send the ad concept testing survey to a small sample of respondents. We view the data to assure the survey is working as intended. Once everything checks out, we fully launch the survey to the rest of the sample.
  8. Cleaning the survey data. During fieldwork, our team reviews the data to check for illegitimate, duplicate, or incomplete responses. It is important we provide you with your goal number of responses that are of the highest quality.
  9. Analyze and report on the findings. Once fieldwork is closed, our team begins analyzing the results. We offer an a la carte approach to reporting – meaning we’ll provide as many or as few components as needed. Learn more in our blog post, topline or comprehensive market research reports.
  10. Debrief the results with our market research team. The final step is meeting with your project team to discuss the results. We don’t just deliver data, charts, and numbers. We share actionable recommendations for how your team should use the data to perfect your marketing or advertising designs.

The timeline for an ad testing project can range from 3 to 6 weeks. Ultimately, this depends on how complex the project is. 

For instance, if a brand knows exactly which ads need to be tested, has a customer list that’s ready to be used, and has a clear understanding of the goals and objectives, the timeline for the project will be shorter.

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Examples Ad Concept Testing Survey Questions

Below are eleven examples of ad concept testing questions. 

These examples focus on an ad’s image or design but could be updated to feature other content like videos, audio, or text too!

  1. Review the images below for at least 10 seconds. Which of the images do you like the most? Select one.
  2. Please review the image below and share what you like about the image. Click on the image to provide feedback.
  3. Review the images below for at least 10 seconds. Which of the images do you like the least? Select one. 
  4. Please review the image below and share what you don’t like about the image. Click on the image to provide feedback. 
  5. [Instruction] Review the image below for 10 seconds and then hit, “Next”. 
  6. Thinking about the image you just saw, which of the following offers do you recall? Select all that apply. 
  7. After reviewing each of the offers below, what are the top 3 offers that are most enticing to you? Rank top 3.
  8. After reviewing the image below, how likely are you to [insert project/service]? Select a rating.
  9. [Instruction] Review the image below for 10 seconds and then hit, “Next”. 
  10. Thinking about the image you were just shown, what do you remember from the ad? Enter your response below.
  11. Did you notice any of the following logos on the previous image? Select one. 

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