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    6 Step Process to Conducting Qualitative Research Interviews

    Qualitative research interviews (often called in-depth interviews or IDIs) are an excellent methodology to dig deep on a topic, product, service, or brand. They aim to fully explore mindsets and beliefs whereas quantitative surveys aim to measure. When determining the best type of market research to utilize for your study's objectives, it is important to talk to a market research expert. These experienced industry professionals will guide you with choosing an approach, steering you to quali

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    How to Identify Purchasing Factors for Condiments Among Consumers

    What key factors motivate a consumer to purchase one product over another? With 57% of people buying a new product during their most recent supermarket run, it's an important question to answer. By using market research, brands can gather actionable data as to why consumers purchase the items they do. For instance, a major food manufacturer and distributor contacted our market research company to learn what purchasing factors impacted consumers' choice in condiments. Below, we outline a 2-

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    How a Survey Can Test Branding ( + 15 Examples Questions)

    Looking to rebrand a current product/service or get feedback on branding for a new product/survey? There is a survey for that! Before bringing your new product or service to the market, don’t you want to know how appealing the concept sounds? Whether the brand seems trustworthy or not? Or, whether the target audience is interested in purchasing it? A survey can answer each of these questions and more! Learn more about the objectives, approach, example survey questions, and survey findings t

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    What Are the Best Strategies to Manage Online Reputation?

    In today's digital world, a few negative reviews can have massive ramifications on a company. Loss of customers (therefore a loss in revenue) and a poor online reputation are two of the biggest impacts a less-than-pleasant review can have. But don’t freak out yet, because we have an answer for companies struggling with the impact of negative reviews. It's called online reputation management and it's the best strategy for gaining a steady stream of 4 or 5-star ratings. The two main goals of

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  • Blog: 3 Market Research Options for Grocery Stores

    3 Market Research Options for Grocery Stores

    If you make decisions for a retail grocery chain, I give you serious credit. It is no easy feat to obtain reliable feedback from customers on what they like and dislike about shopping at your grocery stores. Complicated survey links on the bottom of a footlong receipt just don’t get the job done these days. Thankfully, there are many types of market research available to grocery store managers and marketers to collect shopper feedback. This post will cover three of my favorite market resear

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  • Blog: Value of Market Profiling and Industry Monitoring

    The Value of Market Profiling and Industry Monitoring

    It’s safe to assume that all businesses want to thrive, right? Right. But how you go about thriving is the next step. Put simply, market profiling and industry monitoring are both fantastic opportunities to either keep your business on top or get it to the top. As both forms of competitive assessment, these useful research tools can give you insight not only into your target market but into your key consumer profiles. With this information, you'll be able to create highly profitable opport

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    Measuring the Financial Health of Banking Customers and Members

    With 63% of Americans reporting their finances have altered by the pandemic, there is perhaps no better time to measure the financial health and wellness of consumers. As a bank or credit union, understanding your customer or member’s financial perceptions can lead you to provide the services, rates, and resources that are most impactful. One way financial institutions (FIs) can measure their community’s financial wellness is through an online survey. Financial health surveys are effective b

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    5 Tips to Maximize Public Relations Survey Results

    Public relations pros are experts at taking a topic, client, or product and slicing and dicing it into many different story angles. A tried and true tactic is using public relations survey results to help generate media coverage. However, just commissioning a survey does not guarantee results…you have to be smart about it. There are many benefits of public relations surveys–findings can be used for not only the actual press release but also for: Blog content White papers eBooks Data visu

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    11 Benefits of Employee Surveys

    Employee surveys are one of the most valuable yet underutilized market research methodologies available. With so many benefits of employee surveys, organizations are able to take a step in the right direction by understanding the needs of their team. What's on your employees' minds? What do they like most about your organization? What needs to be improved? What do they think about leadership? Conducting this type of market research is a very effective tool in driving real change for an o

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  • Survey Shows What Bills Fans Want for New Stadium in Buffalo

    According to Buffalo News, the Buffalo Bills submitted a proposal to build a $1.4 billion, 60,000-seat stadium to replace Highmark Stadium. As development ideas begin, our Upstate New York market research company was interested to hear from Bills Mafia to learn their hopes and dreams for the new venue. Drive Research surveyed 1,100+ Buffalo residents regarding the new Bills stadium. The key findings included: 7 in 10 Buffalo residents agree with the submitted proposal for a new Bills stadiu

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    How to Survey Grocery Store Shoppers and Boost Retail Foot Traffic

    Each week, US supermarkets host an average of 66-71 million shoppers with the nation’s top grocery chains accounting for over 48% of sales. It is a highly competitive industry that leaves many local grocery stores to wonder how they can win business over other household name brands. Who is your average shopper? How do others in the community perceive your brand? Is your advertising messaging memorable? Surveying grocery store shoppers can provide data-driven answers to these questions. A

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    How to Earn More Press Coverage in 2022

    In the world of digital marketing, media is either paid, earned, shared, or owned (also known as, the PESO model). While each of these media types has its own strengths and weaknesses, earned media is considered to be the most credible, cost-effective, and long-lasting. It's probably why the PR agency industry grew an average of 30% over the last five years. In this blog post, Drive Research, a PR market research company, will dive into how we strategically earn media attention from top-tier

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