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    12 Benefits of Employee Surveys

    Employee surveys are one of the most valuable yet underutilized market research methodologies available. With so many benefits of employee surveys, organizations can take a step in the right direction by understanding the needs of their team. What's on your employees' minds? What do they like most about your organization? What needs to be improved? What do they think about leadership? Conducting this type of market research is a very effective tool in driving real change for an organizat

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  • Blog: How to Measure Cannabis Consumers Purchasing Behaviors

    How to Measure Cannabis Consumer Buying Habits

    As cannabis becomes increasingly legalized and used recreationally throughout the United States, it has become evident there is a lot to learn about cannabis consumer buying habits. With many unknowns facing the cannabis and marijuana industry, conducting different types of market research can be a great place to start for brands, dispensaries, cultivators, and marketing agencies. Measuring cannabis consumer buying behaviors includes reviewing factors such as: Frequency of purchasing and us

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  • Blog: Conducting Cannabis Customer Surveys [+ Example Questions]

    Conducting Dispensary Customer Surveys [+ Example Questions]

    There is no question about it. The continued effort to legalize cannabis is presenting a massive change to the recreational and consumption habits of tens of millions of Americans. However, capitalizing on this growing field requires having the appropriate information about who your customers are and what they think of your product, service, and brand. It is why cannabis customer surveys are becoming a popular tool in the industry. A dispensary customer survey will provide helpful insights

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  • Blog: 8 Cannabis Marketing Strategies for 2023

    10 Cannabis Marketing Strategies for 2023

    There is no question about it – cannabis has hit the mainstream. Therefore, the need for dispensaries to employ cannabis marketing strategies has become more important than ever. However, that is not without challenges for cannabis businesses: As the cannabis field becomes more crowded, businesses have to do more to stand out better within their specific niche of the industry. Here are ten cannabis marketing strategies to better advertise your business in 2023 - click to skip ahead: Know yo

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  • Blog: Online Surveys vs. Phone Surveys: Which is Better for Your Business?

    Online Surveys vs. Phone Surveys: Which is Better for Your Business?

    In today's fast-paced world, gathering feedback, whether it be from customers or general consumers, is more important than ever. Surveys are a great way to collect this data, but with so many types of market research available, it can be challenging to determine which method is the most effective. Two popular survey methods are phone surveys and online surveys, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. In this article, our market research company will compare these two method

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    Market Research For New Product Development

    Organizations often depend on market research for new product development to stay competitive within an industry. While the process can be challenging, and oftentimes lengthy, new products and services allow organizations to grow and further improve their market share. However, on average, 33% of new products fail and never make it to the shelves. Therefore, investing in new product research becomes imperative. It ensures the time, cost, and resources put into launching a new product concep

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  • Blog: Advertising Testing with Market Research: How to Do It Successfully

    Advertising Testing with Market Research: How to Do It Successfully

    A common challenge among marketers is not seeing enough returns from their advertising efforts. It’s frustrating to spend money and time on a campaign that generates zero results. A surefire way to feel confident about investing resources into advertising is by testing its appeal first. Advertising testing with market research enables businesses to test their copy, design, ad channels, and messaging strategies before they go to market. In this blog post, we’ll explain more about advertisin

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    12 Types of Market Research to Consider in 2023

    Today’s business decision-maker has an abundance of marketing research services available to them. Understanding what market research is and how best to use research methodologies to your advantage is vital in reaching your target customers and increasing ROI. In this ultimate guide, our market research company will discuss 12 types of market research as well as their pros and cons. The most common types of market research include: Online Surveys Phone Surveys Omnibus Surveys Mail Surve

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  • How to Make Online Surveys More Engaging for Respondents

    How to Make Online Surveys More Engaging for Respondents

    "Yay another survey". Not said by everyone but said by a lot of people. As an online survey agency, this is a daily problem for us. Surveys can be fun, we promise - but they do often require 10 to 15 minutes out of someone's day. Our job in market research is largely about getting respondents to spend that time taking a survey rather than the other laundry list of tasks they have facing them. So, to improve data quality and earn more full completes, it's important to make online surveys fun

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  • CPG Market Research [Options, Benefits, & Examples]

    Conducting CPG Market Research [+ Benefits & Examples]

    With a plethora of products to choose from on a shelf or online, it is vital to understand how consumers will make their purchasing decisions. Luckily, there are several consumer packaged goods (CPG) market research options perfect for identifying these buyer habits and preferences. From what label design is most attractive to what price point is best, market research provides CPG brands with valuable insights that set their products apart from competitors. In this ultimate guide, our CPG m

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  • Blog: What is Data-Driven Decision Making? (And Why It's So Important)

    What is Data-Driven Decision Making? (And Why It's So Important)

    As human beings, we often make split-second decisions based on feeling and intuition, without taking the outcome or consequence into account. We can’t always help it, we are emotional and empathetic creatures after all! But, when it comes to making business decisions, it is crucial to take all external factors into account before taking any decisive action. Through the process of data-driven decision-making (DDDM), organizations can ensure that their business goals and objectives are guided

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  • Blog: What is Correlation Analysis in Market Research?

    What is Correlation Analysis? [Examples & How to Measure It]

    Correlation analysis is a tremendous tool to use in understanding how one variable affects another. By providing a distinct perspective on which factors impact your business the most, you can feel more confident in the actions you take after the report. Take customer experience, for example. Let's say you have the overall customer satisfaction score you need. But then, you want to know how that correlates with other aspects of the customer experience such as product price, shipping time, or

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