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  • positive impacts b2b customer satisfaction survey

    8 Positive Impacts of a B2B Customer Satisfaction Survey

    The data you ignore is MUCH scarier than the data you collect. But for whatever reason, marketing research such as focus groups and client satisfaction surveys are polarizing topics. You have some organizations that live and die by data and truly believe in it. While there are other businesses that avoid it at all costs. I would argue the benefits far outweigh the negatives when implementing a B2B customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey. If you don't agree with me, here are eight positive impacts

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  • best-types-questions-market-research

    What are the Best Types of Questions for Quantitative Market Research?

    For qualitative research, data collection options can seem endless. As a creative research method, there are a variety of options readily available. These can include: open-ended survey questions, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, intercept interviews, and the list goes on and on. But, what about questions to ask for quantitative market research methods? Since this type of data is numerical and scientific, rather than interpretive, your question options may initially appear to be boring an

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  • benefits of using third party market research firm

    Benefits of Using a Third-Party Market Research Firm

    When it comes to conducting market research, your organization has two choices: Conduct the study in-house Conduct the study using a third-party market research firm I suppose a third choice exists of not doing the market research at all, but we wouldn't recommend this. Each of the first two options provides its own unique advantages and disadvantages. As a third-party market research company, it would be in our best interest to convince you why you should use an outside party for your mark

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  • Blog: Struggling to Find Survey Respondents? Use These Four Tips.

    Struggling to Find Survey Respondents? Use These Four Tips.

    You've spent hours creating a well-written survey. The survey is programmed and ready for launch. But now you're left scratching your head wondering how to find survey respondents. Or perhaps, you've sent the online survey to fieldwork and are seeing low response rates. This is a common challenge our online survey company hears from prospective clients. Oftentimes the solution can include a mix of sourcing options. Ultimately, it’s helpful to get an understanding of the audience and objective

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  • benefits of using a third party panel market research company

    Benefits of Using a Third-Party Market Research Panel | Market Research Company

    What if I told you the potential to learn from consumers and customers quickly to drive decision-making is easy and is right in front of you? I think we’d be in agreement that it’s something worth exploring! Third-party market research panels offer just that – a quick and easy way to get feedback from consumers. Better yet, they are available right in the palm of our hands whenever you need it. What if I told you the potential to learn from consumers and customers quickly to drive decision-mak

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  • Blog:Improving Grocery Store Checkout Experience with Concept Testing Surveys

    Improving Grocery Store Checkout Experience with Concept Testing Surveys

    The retail grocery shopping sector is one of the most competitive in business. As a result, measuring consumer loyalty can be an elusive thing as shoppers have more options than ever before. There are now grocery delivery services, curbside pickups, and food options just minutes away for customers. One way to stand out from grocery store competitors is by optimizing the in-store experience. Stores want to offer an experience that is memorable, positive, reliable, and fast. Our retail market r

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  • mobile diary market research

    What Is a Mobile Diary? | Market Research 101

    Are your market research methodologies stale? Focus groups have been around since the Mad Men era of advertising in the 1950s and 1960s. So much has changed since then. Marketing has evolved, communication has evolved, consumer behavior has evolved, why hasn't your market research? The mobile market research (MMR) movement is growing at an incredible adoption rate over the past 12 years. Drive Research talked about 4 key drivers to the growth of mobile years ago and the trend has only persiste

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  • Blog: How to Measure Employee Satisfaction Within the Engineering Industry

    How to Measure Employee Satisfaction Within the Engineering Industry

    Keeping your employees engaged and satisfied is critical if you plan to grow your engineering company and delight your customers. Conducting an employee survey for your engineering firm is a great tool to understand improvement areas and drivers to overall satisfaction. Better yet, it is an opportunity to show your team you value and care about their feedback. Our employee survey company recently completed a study for an engineering company to accomplish just that. Keep reading to learn about

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  • Blog: The Importance of Ongoing Research Through Pre and Post-Product Development

    The Importance of Ongoing Research Through Pre and Post-Product Development

    There is often more to a story than what you initially read. The same could be said for conducting market research on a new product. An initial market research study can provide excellent insights for your product, however, consumer attitudes and preferences change rapidly over time. Therefore, investing in ongoing market research studies throughout the pre and post-product development phases will help you better plan for your product’s future. Market Research for Pre-Development Phase 1

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  • forms of quantitative research albany ny

    Common Forms of Quantitative Research | Market Research Firm

    In the world of quantitative market research, you are never short of possible methodologies. From online surveys to intercept surveys, there are various types of market research methods at your disposal - each with its own pros and cons depending on your project objectives. Below, our market research company shares a list of the most common forms of quantitative research. Each section includes the methodology's definition and reasons to consider conducting the type of study. Quantitative

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  • Blog: What's Stopping Syracuse Car Drivers from Buying Electric Vehicles?

    What's Stopping Syracuse Car Drivers from Buying Electric Vehicles?

    Across the globe, automakers everywhere are embracing the adoption of electric vehicles. But what about car buyers? Our national market research company based in Syracuse, New York posed this same question in a recent survey. Below we share survey findings where we compare opinions and preferences of Syracuse car drivers to a national audience. If you are interested in taking a closer look at nationally representative results, read Are Electric Vehicles the Future? Survey Reveals More Than Ha

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  • What is a Bulletin Board in Market Research

    What is an Online Bulletin Board in Market Research?

    Market research offerings are constantly evolving, which is great because innovation tends to lead to better insights. With online resources becoming more advanced, easy to use, and accessible to participants, businesses are in a great spot to harness market research to make better decisions. Take online bulletin boards for example. It combines the in-depth feedback of qualitative market research while utilizing virtual resources to make accessing participants more accessible and cost-effectiv

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