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  • how target used data analytics to predict pregnancies

    How Target Used Data Analytics to Predict Pregnancies

    As crazy as that title may seem, the case study is absolutely true. Using big data and predictive analytics can tell a frighteningly accurate story. It also explains how the beloved retailer, Target, used modeling and data analytics to identify women as being pregnant before those same women tell their closest friends and family members. In this case, the brand used data analytics to predict pregnancies to determine purchasing habits of those who were expecting. This Target story may be som

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  • Blog: How Retail Stores Measure Customer Satisfaction (& Other KPIs)

    How Retail Stores Measure Customer Satisfaction (& Other KPIs)

    Collecting in-the-moment feedback is truly powerful knowing customers just completed their in-store experience. Think about it. Is it easier for you to recall how satisfied you were in a store if your last experience was a week or even a month ago, or is it easier to recall right after you exit the store? In-store surveys, or enter/exit surveys, are a great tool for retail stores to measure customer satisfaction and other key performance indicators. Some of the common questions retail store

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  • Blog: Longitudinal Research: Definition, Process, and Benefits

    Longitudinal Research: Definition, Process, and Benefits

    When it comes to market research, many conversations often center around benchmarking. And longitudinal research helps brands obtain these benchmarks over time. A data point is just a data point in a vacuum. Without context, it does not provide a lot of value. A simple example would be a marketing consultant telling you that 64% of your customers are satisfied. Without any context, would that data point be usable for you? Is 64% good or bad? How does it compare to other competitors? Industr

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  • Blog image: The Ultimate Guide to Customer Satisfaction Surveys for 2020

    Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys [2023 Guide]

    Of all of the different types of market research projects an organization can pursue, conducting customer satisfaction surveys is the most common. Why? At its core, customer satisfaction is the essence of market research. It involves formally reaching out to customers, asking for feedback, and taking action with the results. The process is simple, informative, and offers a high return on investment. In this guide, we’ll cover everything from the benefits of measuring customer satisfaction t

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  • Blog: Marketing Analytics: Definition, Tools, & Best Practices

    Marketing Analytics: Definition, Tools, & Best Practices

    Pro tip! Tracking your marketing analytics is the best thing you can do for your business. It's a way to monitor the success of your brand while targeting key areas. With analytical data, brands can improve productivity, measure their competition, and complete other related actions. The power is yours when you can interpret these website analytics! But measuring digital marketing analytics is easier said than done. For example, what platform is best? What should you track? Most importantly,

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  • Blog: 8 Cannabis Marketing Strategies for 2023

    8 Cannabis Marketing Strategies for 2023

    There is no question about it – cannabis has hit the mainstream. Therefore, the need for dispensaries to employ cannabis market strategies has become more important than ever. As of this writing, cannabis is legal for recreational purposes in 19 states and Washington, D.C. Another 19 states have legalized cannabis for medical purposes. Meanwhile, CBD is now legal throughout the country, and other cannabis products, like Delta-8 and Delta-10, are becoming increasingly popular. This is turnin

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  • Blog: Agreement, influencer partnership concept

    Building Long-Term Influencer Partnerships

    Everyone is talking about how powerful influencer marketing is for brands. And many experts weigh in on how to execute the perfect campaign with content creators. But the main challenge businesses face is building meaningful, long-term influencer partnerships. Why is that important? Can't I just find more content creators to work with? Yes, you can, but the longer you work with a particular creator the more you learn about what type of content and promotion work with their audience. You al

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  • market-research-panel-03222018

    Market Research Panels: Definition, Benefits, & Costs

    In the market research industry, panels are growing in popularity each day. As we start shifting away from telephone surveys and into the online and digital world, the types of market research to consider have done a bit of evolving. Having access to an in-house market research panel, we offer in-depth expertise on the process, benefits, and drawbacks of using a panel for both quantitative and qualitative research studies. Article Contents 📝 Here is what we'll answer in this blog post (cl

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  • Blog: Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Participants for Qualitative Research

    Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Participants for Market Research

    A critically important piece of market research is recruiting reputable, high-quality participants. But why? The group of people recruited for focus groups, in-depth interviews, in-home usage tests, or other types of market research methods represents a much larger target audience that a company or brand is trying to reach. To provide some guidance, this ultimate guide offers our greatest thinking about all elements of qualitative recruiting: best practices, common mistakes, step-by-step pro

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  • Blog: 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Qualitative Recruitment Firm

    Choosing a Qualitative Recruitment Firm: 8 Factors to Consider

    One critical step when conducting qualitative research is determining how you will find the participant. For many brands, this may mean hiring a qualitative recruitment firm to source, vet, and schedule qualified people to join the study. But, not all market research firms are created equal. In this blog, we share 8 critical factors to consider when choosing a qualitative research recruiter. For a super in-depth rundown of the process, read our Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Participants for

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  • Blog: Airline Market Research: Options to Consider in 2023

    Airline Market Research: Options to Consider in 2023

    Investing in airline market research is the move to make in 2023. It’s no secret the last two years have been challenging for the airline industry. However, the good news is that “blue skies” are forecasted to return this year. According to Airlines.iata, the industry will be profitable again for the first time since 2019. Losses will begin to ease, and passenger counts will continue to increase. As the demand for travel increases in 2023, the need for airlines to be efficient will be the k

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  • Blog: 3 Survey Analysis Techniques for Ad Concept Testing

    Ad Concept Testing Analysis Methods [Examples & Best Practices]

    Ad concept testing is a critical part of any serious marketing campaign. If you’re going to make a big investment to run new ads, consider a much smaller investment in marketing and advertising research first. Doing so ensures confidence in your marketing strategy. While conducting marketing research is important, the ad concept testing analysis is just as critical to ensuring you are relying on quality data. In this post, I’ll cover five excellent methods for ad concept testing analysis. E

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