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  • Blog: Longitudinal Research: Definition, Process, and Benefits

    Longitudinal Research: Definition, Process, and Benefits

    When it comes to market research, many conversations often center around benchmarking. And longitudinal research helps brands obtain these benchmarks over time. A data point is just a data point in a vacuum. Without context, it does not provide a lot of value. A simple example would be a marketing consultant telling you that 64% of your customers are satisfied. Without any context, would that data point be usable for you? Is 64% good or bad? How does it compare to other competitors? Industr

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  • Blog: Marketing Analytics: Definition, Tools, & Best Practices

    Marketing Analytics: Definition, Tools, & Best Practices

    Pro tip! Tracking your marketing analytics is the best thing you can do for your business. It's a way to monitor the success of your brand while targeting key areas. With analytical data, brands can improve productivity, measure their competition, and complete other related actions. The power is yours when you can interpret these website analytics! But measuring digital marketing analytics is easier said than done. For example, what platform is best? What should you track? Most importantly,

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  • Blog: Agreement, influencer partnership concept

    Building Long-Term Influencer Partnerships

    Everyone is talking about how powerful influencer marketing is for brands. And many experts weigh in on how to execute the perfect campaign with content creators. But the main challenge businesses face is building meaningful, long-term influencer partnerships. Why is that important? Can't I just find more content creators to work with? Yes, you can, but the longer you work with a particular creator the more you learn about what type of content and promotion work with their audience. You al

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  • market-research-panel-03222018

    Market Research Panels: Definition, Benefits, & Costs

    In the market research industry, panels are growing in popularity each day. As we start shifting away from telephone surveys and into the online and digital world, the types of market research to consider have done a bit of evolving. Having access to an in-house market research panel, we offer in-depth expertise on the process, benefits, and drawbacks of using a panel for both quantitative and qualitative research studies. Article Contents 📝 Here is what we'll answer in this blog post (cl

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  • Blog: 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Qualitative Recruitment Firm

    Choosing a Qualitative Recruitment Firm: 8 Factors to Consider

    One critical step when conducting qualitative research is determining how you will find the participant. For many brands, this may mean hiring a qualitative recruitment firm to source, vet, and schedule qualified people to join the study. But, not all market research firms are created equal. In this blog, we share 8 critical factors to consider when choosing a qualitative research recruiter. For a super in-depth rundown of the process, read our Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Participants for

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  • Blog: Airline Market Research: Options to Consider in 2023

    Airline Market Research: Options to Consider in 2023

    Investing in airline market research is the move to make in 2023. It’s no secret the last two years have been challenging for the airline industry. However, the good news is that “blue skies” are forecasted to return this year. According to Airlines.iata, the industry will be profitable again for the first time since 2019. Losses will begin to ease, and passenger counts will continue to increase. As the demand for travel increases in 2023, the need for airlines to be efficient will be the k

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  • Blog: 3 Survey Analysis Techniques for Ad Concept Testing

    Ad Concept Testing Analysis Methods [Examples & Best Practices]

    Ad concept testing is a critical part of any serious marketing campaign. If you’re going to make a big investment to run new ads, consider a much smaller investment in marketing and advertising research first. Doing so ensures confidence in your marketing strategy. While conducting marketing research is important, the ad concept testing analysis is just as critical to ensuring you are relying on quality data. In this post, I’ll cover five excellent methods for ad concept testing analysis. E

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  • Blog: Surveying Oncologists: How to Gather Physician Feedback

    Surveying Oncologists: How to Gather Physician Feedback

    Surveying oncologists allows relevant healthcare brands to successfully market products. For instance, a brand may have a cutting-edge device that will help cancer patients. Getting feedback from doctors in that field will strengthen the brand's message. But how is this done? Below, our healthcare market research company will cover how to conduct research with oncologists. Benefits of Surveying Oncologists As cancer prevention efforts grow, healthcare brands continue to produce relevant

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  • Restaurant Feasibility Study: Explaining the Definition, Benefits, and Process

    Restaurant Feasibility Study: Definition, Benefits, and Process

    New restaurants and new restaurant locations are popping up every day, making it one of the most competitive industries. It requires more than good food and marketing to make a new eatery successful. That's why our market research company often encourages new establishments or those opening a new location to conduct a restaurant feasibility study. This is also referred to as a "market analysis." The insight and data gathered from restaurant feasibility studies will predict how likely the eat

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  • Blog: Influencer Partnerships: 7 Ideas for Collaborating with Creators

    Influencer Partnerships: 7 Ideas for Collaborating with Creators

    Social media is one of, if not the most influential inventions of the last decade. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, nearly half of the world’s population is active on some kind of social media site. It once started as a way for people to connect with family and friends. But, social media has since turned into a profitable avenue for brands to promote their products and services. Although, as more users became inundated with ads the less impact they had. It’s why influencer part

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  • Blog: Measuring Consumer Shopping Preferences: Why Do They Buy?

    Measuring Consumer Shopping Preferences: Why Do They Buy?

    Consumer shopping preferences are constantly changing. A million different factors play a role in making someone buy a certain product. We’re all consumers of something. What makes you buy a product? Is it the packaging material? A snazzy tagline? A sleek design? For instance, 67% of consumers prefer paper/cardboard packaging to other popular materials. Details like this are important to take into account when studying consumer buying patterns. This and related factors are key elements that

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  • Blog: Mental Health in the Workplace: 5 Tips for Happier Employees

    Mental Health in the Workplace: 5 Tips for Happier Employees

    When you emphasize mental health in the workplace, all other aspects of your business will thrive. Employees who feel acknowledged at their job will naturally gravitate toward producing quality work. They will want to stay with the company longer and are less likely to look for a new job. All of these lead to a successful business! While there are plenty of satisfied employees happily going to work, there are just as many (if not more) who dread each workday. Recent research found that rou

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