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  • Improve-brand-market-research-05302019

    How Market Research Can Improve Your Brand

    Competition in any industry is inevitable. How can a brand position itself as a leader among the masses? By listening to their customers with various market research methodologies. Many brands try to solve issues or questions without using data, which means teams base decision-making off of assumptions. Data is better than assumptions. A decision made off an assumption can be successful; brands do it everyday! The value of market research is being able to confirm and fine-tune assumptions to b

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  • dangers-diy-market-research-05292019

    The 4 Dangers of DIY Market Research

    There are countless blogs and articles written on the promise and ease of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) market research techniques. The problem? Just because something appears to be easy, does not mean it will lead to successful results. This certainly rings true regarding market research methodologies. Market researchers dedicate their lives and careers to providing clients with the best techniques needed to solve challenges within their businesses. When putting together a research plan, there are thou

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  • it-industry-case-studies-05282019

    C-Level IT Decision-Maker Survey | IT Industry Case Study

    Our IT market research company recently worked with an advertising agency and national network provider to conduct a survey with C-level IT decision-makers. This IT industry case study details the objectives, audience, approach, and outcome of the interviews. Drive Research was able to assist the brand in qualitative recruiting, moderating the interviews, and preparing a top-line summary report of the IT industry survey findings. Drive Research recently completed a project, conducting survey

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  • agile-market-research-choices-05272019

    What is Agile Market Research?

    There's that word again, agile. You have probably heard this popular buzzword in the context of Silicon Valley startup tech companies. Originally created as a new approach for software development, agile practices are all about working in faster cycles than traditional methods to meet an end goal. This innovative approach to business processes has been circulating through industries outside of software, including market research. Researchers recognized the advantages of agile projects and the a

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  • business-tips-conference-rental-syracuse-05242019

    Conference & Meeting Room Rental in Syracuse

    When renting a conference or training room in Syracuse, NY it is important the rented space is best suited for the purpose of your meeting. The right conference space can mean the difference between a successful work session or unfocused team members keeping their eyes on the exit. Interested in renting a meeting room in Syracuse? Our brand new conference room facility is fully equipped for any corporate meeting, workshop, or training session. Consider these 6 details below to help steer your d

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  • case-study-content-marketing-financial-05232019

    Case Study: Content Marketing Research for Financial Industry

    Now more than ever, it is important for any organization to have a content market strategy surrounding the creation of consistent, valuable content for target audiences. Over time, content marketing has transformed the way brands are doing business. While the importance and effectiveness of content marketing are clear, there are several challenges associated with content creation. This could be a lack of resources, unrealistic expectations, or maintaining consistent publishing schedules. In 20

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  • clean-survey-data-market-research-05222019

    How to Clean Your Survey Data | Market Research Video

    A crucial piece of any online survey is data cleaning. Doing so ensures the quality of your survey results are completely accurate and trustworthy. The time it takes to clean your survey data will vary based on who you have sent the survey invitation to. Whether it be a research participant panel, a list of current customers, or your social media followers responding to your online survey – once their completes start to roll in, it is time to start cleaning the data. In this video, you will le

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  • set-meet-research-expectations-market-research-05212019

    How to Set and Meet Research Respondent Expectations

    The data a researcher collects is only as strong as the number of qualified respondents in a market research study. With the willingness to participate in market research becoming more challenging, it is critical for researchers to understand the importance of setting and meeting expectations for those who partake in a market research study. As a market research company specializing in a variety of services, we have seen the decline in attention spans and engagement among participants. How do w

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  • personal-injury-attorney-market-research-case-study-05202019

    Personal Injury Attorney Survey | Market Research Case Study

    Our personal injury attorney survey company recently completed a market research project with a law firm. Our attorney market research company used a two-pronged approach to collect both quantitative (measurable) and qualitative (exploratory) feedback. The combination of these two approaches provided the personal injury lawyer with insights and direction to assist with branding and strategy. This article highlights the key points of the survey process. Learn how our market research survey co

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  • market-research-reputation-management-05172019

    Why You Should Use a Market Research Firm for Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    Online reputation management (ORM) allows businesses to take control of the online conversation surrounding their brand, products, and services. ORM involves combating negative reviews all while promoting positive customer feedback on popular rating platforms such as Google and Yelp. While the process of online reputation management is not a foreign concept to most marketers, it is often a difficult and tedious task to one, collect a steady stream of positive reviews and two, constantly moderat

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  • features-observation-focus-group-facility-research-tips-05162019

    5 Must-Have Features of an Observation Room | Focus Group Facility

    An observation room, oftentimes referred to as a viewing room, is used in a focus group facility for purposes of qualitative market research. Observation rooms allow researchers and clients to sit and watch focus groups or in-depth interviews through a one-way mirror. If you are conducting qualitative market research that involves an observation room, you have probably done your research on a few different focus group facilities to host your study. How do you know what market research facility

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  • bank-credit-union-findings-research-tips-05152019

    4 Bank and Credit Union Survey Findings That Will Shock You

    Over my past 15 years in market research, I have worked on a countless number of surveys, focus groups, and other studies for banks and credit unions. No matter the client, every bank and credit union market research project unveils new and impactful insights. No matter how much a bank or credit union thinks they may know about their customers or members, market, or product offerings, the market research always sheds light on some shocking or unexpected findings. The discovered findings directl

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