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  • Blog: Banking Customer Retention Strategies That Work in 2023

    Banking Customer Retention Strategies to Implement in 2024

    Customer retention is the backbone of a successful banking institution. That's because, in an ever-evolving financial landscape, banks must prioritize retaining their existing customers to foster long-term profitability and growth. While attracting new customers is essential, it is equally vital to nurture and retain the relationships with the ones already in the fold. This blog post delves into powerful banking customer retention strategies to implement in 2024. They are proven tactics that

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  • Blog: Conducting Physicians Surveys | Laptop with doctor crossing his arms

    Surveying Physicians: Process, Tips & Examples

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, understanding the perspectives of physicians is invaluable. Surveying physicians can offer crucial insights into their experiences, challenges, and preferences, ultimately leading to improved patient care and more effective healthcare systems. Whether you're a healthcare administrator, researcher, or simply someone passionate about enhancing medical practices, conducting a physician survey can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. In this blog

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  • online-focus-groups-market-research-upstate-01082018

    Conducting Online Focus Groups [2024 Ultimate Guide]

    With all of the talk about remote market research methodologies, one would think in-person focus groups are dead. A more accurate statement would be that focus groups are evolving. As remote focus groups, virtual focus groups, video focus groups, and online focus groups have grown steadily over the past 10 years, COVID-19 and social distancing protocols really pushed this methodology into overdrive. Therefore, it is no surprise that this methodology has taken the market research industry by

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  • Blog: 7 Reasons to Conduct PR Market Research

    PR Market Research: Why & How to Conduct It

    Any public relations professional knows that gaining media coverage requires more than just effective messaging. It calls for exclusive content that is relevant and tells a story that has never been told before. That's where PR market research steps into the limelight. In this blog post, we'll unravel the essence of public relations market research - what they are, why they are valuable in today's media landscape, and how to craft and conduct them effectively. From earning media coverage to

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  • guide-methodologies-market-research-data-04122019

    13 Types of Market Research (+ Pros & Cons)

    Today’s business decision-maker has an abundance of marketing research services available to them. Understanding what market research is and how best to use research methodologies to your advantage is vital in reaching your target customers and increasing ROI. There are 13 types of market research, each with their own pros and cons: Online Surveys Phone Surveys Customer Surveys Omnibus Surveys Mail Surveys Intercept Surveys Ad Concept Testing PR Surveys Mystery Shopping Shop-Along

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  • Blog: 8 Cannabis Marketing Strategies for 2023

    12 Cannabis Marketing Strategies for 2024

    There is no question about it – cannabis has hit the mainstream. Therefore, the need for dispensaries to employ cannabis marketing strategies has become more important than ever. However, that is not without challenges for cannabis businesses: As the cannabis field becomes more crowded, businesses have to do more to stand out better within their specific niche of the industry. Here are the top cannabis marketing strategies to better grow your business in 2024 - click to skip ahead: Know you

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  • Blog: Using Audience Research to Boost Consumer Outreach Strategies

    How to Conduct Audience Research [Types & Examples]

    As we all know, a brand is nothing without a solid understanding of its target audience! For businesses to see increased sales and continued growth, it's important they know who they're actually selling to. Believe it or not, 42% of marketers don't have a grasp on who their audience is. This is risky, as catering to the wrong market = wasted money and time. Who wants that? Hereinlies the importance of audience research. What is Audience Research? Audience research refers to the process

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  • Adding Market Research to Your 2021 Budget | Drive Research

    Why Market Research Should be in Your 2024 Budget

    Believe it or not, the new year is right around the corner - and that means it's time to start planning your 2024 budget (if you haven’t already). With every new year comes new objectives, goals, and challenges. How will you choose the right tools to assist your organization in breaking new ground and making it the best year yet? By adding market research to your 2024 budget. In doing so, businesses can be assured they are taking a step in the right direction. Types of market research metho

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  • Blog: How to Recruit B2B Participants for Market Research

    How to Recruit B2B Participants for Market Research

    Every business, from startups to Fortune 50 organizations, deserves intelligent, relatable, and thorough market research to help them make decisions. Unfortunately, not all market research is cut from the same cloth. Customer surveys? Easy. Trying to recruit B2B professionals for 90-minute interviews? Challenging. Running a short survey with your customers or sending out an employee survey is simple. However, if you came across this post because you’re struggling to… Recruit B2B participan

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  • journey-mapping-market-research-03062018

    Customer Journey Mapping: Plotting Paths to Purchase

    Identifying and measuring the intricacies of customer interactions is necessary for any business. This is where customer journey mapping steps into the spotlight. It's more than just a visual representation; it's a strategic compass that guides businesses toward a deeper understanding of their customer's experiences. In this blog post, our market research company defines journey mapping, the importance of journey maps, and the process of creating a data-driven journey map. What is Customer

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  • Blog: How to Recruit Social Media Influencers for Market Research Studies

    How to Recruit Influencers for Market Research

    Content creators and bloggers have taken the marketing world by storm. As a result, many brands are turning to social media influencers to promote their brand, products, and services. Recruiting influencers for market research is a great first step to mastering influencer marketing. It provides brands with the insights needed to target, plan, and launch a successful influencer referral program. Because this is a newer marketing strategy for most businesses, it is critical to rely on data-dr

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  • restaurant-focus-case-study-customers-04162019

    Restaurant Focus Groups: Your Recipe for Success

    In the ever-evolving landscape of the culinary world, understanding the preferences of your customers is incredibly important. Enter: Restaurant focus groups. These curated groups of diners offer a direct line into the minds (and palates) of your target audience, providing insights that can transform your eatery into a dining destination of choice. In this blog post, our restaurant market research company explores focus groups: what they are, their value in the restaurant industry, and exam

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