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  • KPI business measuring market research tips

    7 KPIs Your Business Should Be Measuring with Market Research

    There are several key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be easily measured with a market research study. Luckily, as we explain in our ultimate guide to market research methodologies, you are never short of options. However, if you are primarily hoping to measure KPIs, our market research company recommends using a quantitative approach such as an online survey. After determining your approach, the next step is to identify your objectives. Our market research clients typically determine t

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  • Blog: Consumer Research Surveys: Definition, Process, and Sample Questions

    Consumer Surveys: Definition, Process, and Sample Questions

    Wondering what consumer surveys are? The truth is, this a broad term that can refer to testing a variety of topics such as: Unaided awareness Aided awareness Perception Price Purchase history In this blog post, our consumer research company will dive into the details of this methodology. We will review the definition, process, sample questions, and a case study for consumer research surveys. If you are looking to conduct a consumer survey with a market research company, Drive Research is rea

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  • blind testing market research syracuse

    What is Blind Testing in Market Research?

    Bias. The sheer uttering of the term sends chills down the spine of a market researcher. Blind testing in market research assures any type of bias in quantitative or qualitative studies is eliminated. In a market research project, everything must be done to identify the threat, eliminate the threatening bias, and use precaution to prevent the threat from happening again. Purity in market research is essential. Any knowing or unknowing bias built into a focus group, survey, or in-depth intervie

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  • influence-consumer-spending-market-research-09072018

    7 Psychological Strategies to Influence Consumer Spending

    Psychology is not typically top of mind when people think about marketing and advertising, but the truth is, successful marketing includes an essential psychological component. Market research involves systematically gathering data and then analyzing the data, with the objective of gaining knowledge about a company’s ideal customer and target market wants, needs, and preferences. In other words, it defines psychological strategies to influence consumer spending. Understanding persuasive strate

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  • Blog: Cannabis Market Research: Measuring Purchasing Behaviors of Cannabis Users

    Cannabis Market Research: Measuring Purchasing Behaviors of Cannabis Users

    As cannabis becomes increasingly legalized and used recreationally throughout the United States, it has become evident there is a lot to learn about cannabis consumer behavior. With much to learn about the cannabis industry, market research studies can be a great place to start for cannabis brands and other organizations looking to get involved in the cannabis industry. Some topics to explore in market research with cannabis consumers include: Frequency of purchasing and using cannabis Primar

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  • Blog: Beauty Market Research: Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertising

    Beauty Market Research: Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertising

    Finding success in the highly competitive beauty industry is becoming increasingly difficult as consumers continue to evolve. Beauty market research is helpful in understanding target consumers and measuring the effectiveness of advertising. Beauty market research answers key questions before launching an advertising campaign including: Wondering what ad makes customers most likely to try your product or service? Wondering what offer is most appealing to customers? Wondering what resonates wit

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  • Blog: Education Market Research: Impact of EdTech on Children

    Education Market Research: Impact of EdTech on Children

    The following case study summarizes the approach taken by Drive Research to target, qualify, and sign-up participants for an education market research study conducted both in-person and remote. This summary includes a recap of all the relevant project details from the EdTech market research study scope of work. The scope of work included: Recruitment dates An overview of the recruitment process The outline of screening criteria Sources used to recruit participants with counts Follow-up communi

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  • Blog: Using a Third-Party for Phone Surveys | Market Research Company

    Using a Third-Party for Phone Surveys

    Using a third-party for phone surveys is the best assurance in gathering unbiased, high-quality insights. Plus, it is beneficial to rely on industry experts to execute all moving parts of a qualitative study. For instance, a third-party phone survey company like Drive Research can provide qualitative recruitment, interviewing, scheduling, and reporting services. There is no need to hire several sub-contractors or rely on internal resources to get the job done. In this blog post, our market res

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  • Mobile-ethnography-benefits-market-research

    What is Mobile Ethnography? | 6 Benefits

    In the market research industry, mobile ethnography provides valuable insights and can have several key advantages over other research methodologies. The flexibility of mobile research approaches combined with the above benefits creates a strong return on investment. Our market research company details more about what mobile ethnography is and the 6 benefits of using this research methodology below. Interested in conducting a mobile ethnography study? We can help with that too. Contact Drive

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  • Blog: Thanksgiving 2020: 87% of Americans Fear an Increase in COVID-19 Cases After the Holiday

    Thanksgiving 2020: 87% of Americans Fear an Increase in COVID-19 Cases After the Holiday

    A new survey of 1,000 U.S. respondents reveals 87% of Americans fear an increase in COVID-19 cases after the Thanksgiving holiday. See more findings from the Thanksgiving 2020 survey. With Thanksgiving 2020 right around the corner, several state officials have released rules and guidelines on how loved ones can safely celebrate the holiday this year. To measure how different travel and Thanksgiving gatherings will look later this month, our market research company conducted a poll with 1,000

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  • Blog: 3 Alternative Market Research Options for Mystery Shopping

    3 Alternative Market Research Options for Mystery Shopping

    Perhaps the best thing about conducting market research is you are never short of options. For instance, if your team is looking for an alternative to mystery shopping, there are plenty of great methodologies to choose from. Mystery shopping is a common market research data collection method where a secret shopper pretends to patronize a business with the intention of collecting information not readily available to the public. This information might include pricing, rates, quality of products/

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  • blog: Ultimate Guide to Brand Tracking in 2021 | Market Research Company

    Ultimate Guide to Brand Tracking in 2021 | Market Research Company

    A brand tracking study can help take the guesswork out of market fluctuations or dips in sales by providing continuous and fresh insight into any industry and target audience. Sometimes it feels as though there is no rhyme or reason as to why our business is performing well or why it is not hitting revenue goals. Brand tracking can help measure this type of uncertainty. Tracking studies provide real-time insight into the ever-changing attitudes, behaviors, and opinions of the customers and p

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