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    6 Steps to Conducting a Market Survey | Market Research Company

    Interested in conducting a market survey? Kudos to you for thinking outside of the box. Many organizations immediately jump to surveying customers when they think of market research but, what about the untapped market of non-customers? A market survey flips that notion on its head. A market survey is an excellent way to survey a general population or target market where you promote your products or services. In this blog post, our market research company will provide more insight into how to c

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    Voice of Customer (VoC) Research for Manufacturers

    But first...what is VoC? Voice of customer (VoC) is the process of better understanding needs and wants of customers. It can be both qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative is typically the first step before any kind of measurement data is collected through quantitative research. VoC research for is critical in the manufacturing industry because much like many industries, understanding the needs of customers drives both product-level and service-level improvements within your company. Voic

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  • guide test markets research

    Top Test Market Cities for Research | 2020 Ultimate Guide

    Test marketing a product is exactly how it sounds. It is the process of testing the feasibility and success of a new product or service in an isolated area before unveiling the product or service through a full, national, or global launch. Test markets offer several advantages but also several concerns to think about as a business. Your brand has to determine if it is worth it. This ultimate guide to test markets will answer all of your questions on test markets and market research. The arti

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  • Blog: The Ultimate Guide to Conducting a Competitor Analysis in 2020 | Competitive Analysis Company

    The Ultimate Guide to Conducting a Competitor Analysis in 2020 | Competitive Analysis Company

    Competitors. Everyone has them - and whether you’d like to believe it or not, they are ready to steal your prospects and customers. How can you beat them to the punch? By conducting a competitor analysis. In this ultimate guide, our competitive analysis company will walk you through both the basics of this methodology and the common approaches we take with our clients to gain a leg up against their competitors. Already know what you need and want a proposal to partner with a competitive ana

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  • Blog: Emily Taylor Named  2020 40 Under 40 Winner | Syracuse, NY

    Emily Taylor Named 2020 40 Under 40 Winner | Syracuse, NY

    Our market research company is proud to announce, Emily Taylor has been named a 2020 40 Under 40 winner in Syracuse, NY. Learn more about Emily and her achievements within Drive Research and the local community. Business Accomplishments 🏆 Achievements, Special Projects, Business Affiliations Emily is a consummate professional in her field of market research. As a Senior Research Analyst at Drive Research, Emily manages major client accounts and research projects. Her clients describe her a

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  • in-house-outsourced-market-research-tips-04292019

    Market Research: Is In-House or Outsourced Better?

    Market research is one of the most crucial things a company can invest in as part of their marketing, sales, or overall business strategy. Various types of market research methodologies help an organization understand: Customer satisfaction Competition Pricing models Consumers habits Market trends Product or project feasibility Employee engagement Overall, quantitative and qualitative market research strategies help companies investigate and answer questions that influence their strategy an

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  • Blog-Employee Exit Surveys: Benefits, Approaches, and Sample Questions

    Employee Exit Surveys: Benefits, Approaches, and Sample Questions

    What are employee exit surveys? Well, employee exit surveys are not the same as a typical exit survey. An exit survey typically refers to intercept interviews being conducted as customers leave a store. If you were looking for information on intercept exit surveys, check out our ultimate guide to exit surveys. Employee exit surveys refer to gathering information from those who voluntarily choose to leave their position for one at another company. Turnover can be a significant pain point. Emp

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  • benefits of employee surveys market research upstate ny

    10 Benefits of Employee Surveys | National Company

    Employee surveys are one of the most valuable yet underutilized market research tools on the market. These surveys can be conducted through a variety of methodologies from online surveys to traditional paper surveys. Even phone surveys if you want a third-party to reach out with a personal touch. No matter what methodology you choose, initiating an employee survey at your organization is a step in the right direction to understanding your employee needs. "Don't forget about the most important

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  • Blog: 5 Videos to Help You Become an Expert in Online Surveys | Research Firm

    5 Videos to Help You Become an Expert in Online Surveys | Research Firm

    In this day and age, anyone can become an expert at virtually anything, all thanks to the internet. In this blog post, Drive Research, an online survey company, will equip you with the tools you need to become an expert in online survey creation and preparation by watching five videos from experts in the field. We have even compiled a list of best survey platforms to use to help you collect the data you need. 1. How to Create an Effective Online Survey Video duration: about 3 minutes In

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  • Blog: Public Relations Secrets for Real Estate Companies | PR Surveys, Marketing Strategy & Media Relations

    Public Relations for Real Estate Companies | PR Surveys, Marketing Strategy & Media Relations

    As a real estate company, you and your team have many goals... Getting property listing in front of potential clients 👪 Understanding what amenities tenants look for when looking for a luxury apartment 🌆 Or maybe it's simply to generate brand awareness 🎯 No matter the goal, there's no denying that public relations and marketing are essential components to being successful in an industry as massive and competitive as real estate. What if I told you that there’s a creative way for your rea

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  • Blog: Customer Motivation Surveys: Benefits, Process, and Sample Questions

    Customer Motivation Surveys: Benefits, Process, and Sample Questions

    Are you wondering what moves a customer from the initial awareness stages to becoming a life-long customer? Well, like most business questions and objectives - there is a market research study that can answer this quorum. A customer motivation survey is used by businesses to understand what motivates customers to move from awareness to interest to ultimately making a purchase. Understanding what motivates customers also helps set businesses up for success with customer satisfaction and loyalty

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  • Blog: How to Conduct a Customer Analysis

    How to Conduct a Customer Analysis in 4 Easy Steps

    The needs of your customers and their expectations change daily. With an effective customer analysis plan in place, you will gain critical insight into customer motivations and purchasing behaviors. Using the results of the analysis, it becomes easier to ensure your organization provides the service its customers require. Keep reading to learn how to conduct a customer analysis in 4 easy steps. Step 1: Conduct a Customer Survey Begin the customer analysis with a customer survey. Make sur

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