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In this day and age, anyone can become an expert at virtually anything, all thanks to the internet. 

In this blog post, Drive Research, an online survey company, will equip you with the tools you need to become an expert in online survey creation and preparation by watching five videos from experts in the field.

We have even compiled a list of best survey platforms to use to help you collect the data you need.

5 Videos to Help You Become an Expert in Online Surveys

1. How to Create an Effective Online Survey

Video duration: about 3 minutes

In this video, Chris Gray at UX Mastery, an online community for user experience designers, illustrates the fundamentals of creating an effective online survey and provides tips to ensure better user research. 

Here are three useful tips mentioned in the video:

  • Develop clear goals and objectives
  • Understand your audience
  • Create clear and concise questions

In addition to this list of tips, Gray explains the types of questions to avoid when constructing your survey by offering examples and advice to improve your data quality.

2. What is the Cost of an Online Survey?

Video duration: 1 minute

Our team of survey experts created this video to help users better understand the cost behind an online survey.

The cost of an online survey can be broken down into four main factors:

  • Survey length
  • # of responses
  • Audience
  • Level of reporting

3. How to Write Comprehensive Survey Questions

Video duration: about 3 minutes

This is a tutorial created by Aquent Gymnasium, a professional development company. In this video, Heather O’Neill, CEO of Pixels for Humans, offers helpful tips on how to write effective survey questions. 

Two major takeaways from this video:

  1. Construct survey questions that find the balance between “easy to answer” and “give value”
  2. Maximize responses by making all questions optional

As a bonus, O’Neill also shares best writing practices used by experts in the field.

Learn more about writing quality online survey questions.

4. Create an Online Survey using Google Forms

Video duration: about 23 minutes

You can become an online survey expert using Google. In this tutorial, Grumo Media explains how Google Forms is an online survey tool that is free, user friendly, and customizable for any type of data collection.

Google Forms can even be used in the classroom!

Additionally, this video creates an in-depth look at different features Google Forms has to offer.

After the data is collected, there are a couple of methods you can use to analyze your data:

  • Using graphs that are provided 
  • Using Google Sheets to track data

This step by step tutorial even shows viewers the proper method of creating an email confirmation to your respondents for taking the survey.

5. How to Analyze Survey Results

Video duration: about 4 minutes

In this video, SurveyMonkey, a self-service survey company, shows viewers how to analyze survey results directly after fieldwork is complete. 

This video outlines four main topics:  

  • Taking a look at your data
  • Customizing your charts
  • Using rules to uncover insights
  • Exporting data

While analyzing the data, SurveyMonkey automatically populates your data into charts and graphs. This DIY survey platform also provides users with a data summary sheet. The summary sheet gives a concise outline of each survey submission. 

⚠️⚠️ One disadvantage of using SurveyMonkey is not having a dedicated third-party representative to help interpret the data.

If conducting an online survey with Drive Research, our team will provide end to end project management including survey design, finding quality respondents, cleaning survey data, full analysis of results, and providing recommendations for how to use the data.

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