5 Morning Routines for Someone Who Works in Market Research

Working in market research is a rewarding career. With market research, you are always learning new information about a client, product, service, or industry. It's part of the job: asking questions. Our market research firm in NY asks questions through surveys, focus groups, and intercept interviews. We then take that feedback and pull out insights, assumptions, and recommendations for our client.

The variety of the projects is a nice benefit of the career. Particularly on the market research supplier side of the industry. Our market research firm in New York works on several different client projects, products, services, and industries in a given day. We switch from methodology to industry and back again. Variety would be an understatement.

However, the job does offer some structure and organization. Such as a morning routine which may not be unique to market research alone, but interesting nonetheless. Here is a look at 5 morning routines for someone who works in market research.

5 Morning Routines for Someone Who Works in Market Research

We're spilling the beans on what our mornings look like at our market research firm in NY.

Routine 1: Email (Of Course)

It would be difficult not to mention email as one of the morning staples in a market research career (or any career for that matter). The morning email check involves a review of any canned email lists you are a part of, any new emails from prospects or clients, as well as any emails from current client projects underway. When the laptop gets fired up, it's usually the first window that gets opened, if we haven't already covered that by checking the morning's emails on your phone.

Routine 2: To-Do List for the Day

Show me a person who is ridiculously productive and ambitious, and I'll point you to a list of goals or objectives they have tasked somewhere. This is also true for those who work at our market research firm in NY. We love lists. We use them for ourselves, we use them for our company, we even use them for our clients through kickoff meeting agendas and market research workplans. A daily to-do lists allows us to compartmentalize work and ensure when we jump from client-to-client and industry-to-industry all priorities are accounted for.

Routine 3: Performance of Fielded Surveys

Working in market research, this is always a fun one. It's one of the immediate things that comes to mind when we wake up (outside of coffee). Our market research firm in NY always has a ton of surveys in the field collecting data as we sleep (figuratively and literally). When we have a chance to login in the morning, we're always curious to see how our surveys have performed over the past 24 hours and we even can take a look at the data to quality check it. Safe to say, we get pumped about the idea of seeing new data flow into our survey software from willing participants.

New survey data?


Routine 4: Soaking in Some Knowledge

What good is a morning unless you can take some time (even if it's only a few minutes) to learn something new? This might be an article on Inc., Greenbook, or Quirks. Or it might be an article or whitepaper that gets sent to you over email that you've been trying to find some time to read but haven't yet. Mornings are a great time to do this before the day gets away from you. We always try to take a few minutes to read up on new trends, new knowledge, and broaden our skills. Searching for a site in market research for just this purpose.

Gold: The Drive Research Blog

Routine 5: Managing Priority 1 (or 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Okay, so you have a few of the initial tasks out of the way. You've checked your email, reviewed new survey completes, created a list, and soaked in some knowledge. Perhaps you are 1 or even 2 cups of coffee deep now and you're ready to roll. Let's tackle your priorities for the day. This could involve drafting a Millennial Home Mortgage Survey. Or it could involve programming a tablet survey for interviewers at the New York State Fair. Or maybe your priority for the day is writing a Voice of Customer (VoC) report for a survey you just completed for a manufacturer in Upstate NY?

Whatever the case may be, that variety I talked about just kicked into high gear and you're ready to take on your day. Good luck and enjoy.

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