10 Weird Stats About The Syracuse DMA

As a Syracuse resident for over 3 years, I become more curious about the history and makeup of the area with every passing day. Recently, I did a little research of my own to get a deeper understanding of the place I call home, and the results were rather surprising.

Using a tool called Demographics Now by eSite Analytics at Drive Research, I discovered a variety of secondary data for the Syracuse Designated Market Area, or DMA. DMAs are often used to define areas for media and advertising purchases. The Syracuse DMA consists of Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Oneida (West), Onondaga, Oswego, Seneca, and Tompkins Counties.

Drive Research leverages market analysis tools like Demographics Now to understand regions for potential market research studies. This practice can play an important early role in the feasibility studies we complete for clients.

I was able to view statistics on the population of the Syracuse DMA at both the individual level and household level. Just over one million people reside in the designated counties in and around Syracuse, representing over 400,000 households.

Below are the 10 most fascinating statistics about the Syracuse DMA I discovered through my research.

There's bound to be something that will surprise you in what we found out about the Syracuse DMA.

1. Syracuse residents are more likely to own a used motorcycle.

Harsh winters aren't enough to stop those who want to hit the open road on their hog. Individuals in the DMA index high to have purchased a used motorcycle.

Owning a used motorcycle in the Syracuse DMA has an index score of 128. This indicates the likelihood of Syracuse area residents to own a used motorcycle compared to the total population of the U.S. The base number for comparison is 100. Index scores over 100 signify the chances of meeting the criteria are more likely, and scores under 100 indicate the chances are less likely.

2. They have attended a fishing event.

Fishing is a popular sport around the Syracuse area, so much so that the population here are more likely to have watched a fishing competition at some point in their lives (138 index score). Obscure enough for you?

3. In the past 7 days, they have watched the Great American Country (GAC) TV channel.

It's no secret that the Syracuse area is a fan of country music and culture (I'm looking at you, St. Joseph's Amphitheater concertgoers). Residents scored high as viewers of the GAC channel in the past 7 days on cable television (135 index score).

4. They listened to the Winter Olympics on the radio.

Radio is definitely not dead in Syracuse. Residents around here are incredibly more likely to have listened to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyongyang (180 index score). Those in Syracuse apparently cannot get enough of the Winter Olympics.

5. They are more likely to have played an Instant State Lottery game in the past 30 days.

It seems like there is always a new story of a scratch-off game winner in the local news. Syracuse residents must believe luck is on their side, as they index higher than other markets for purchasing an instant game sometime in the past month (121 index score).

6. They own a wood-burning stove in their home.

We need to stay warm in the Syracuse region, and it turns out many of us rely on the traditional heat of a wood-burning stove (139 index score). This may coincide with the fact that over a third of homes in the DMA were built before 1950.

7. They have purchased a charcoal grill in the past 12 months.

Just because it snows 140 inches a year doesn't mean we forget how to enjoy the summertime. Syracuse area residents are more likely to have bought a new charcoal grill within the past year (157 index score).

8. They have used flea and tick insecticides and treatments.

Anyone who has lived in the area knows that ticks are a bit of an issue. The data backs this up with residents being more likely to have used tick or flea products at some point (124 and 129 index scores).

9. They own a riding lawnmower.

The Syracuse region is definitely different from New York City. Residents in the area usually need a riding lawnmower to mow all that acreage of grass on their properties (124 index score).

10. They often eat frozen meals for dinner.

We don't always have time to cook a meal from scratch in the DMA. Dinners from the frozen-section of the grocery store are more likely to be found in the freezer of residents (119 index score).

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