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Working with Our Albany Focus Group Company 

What are focus groups? 

Focus groups are a form of qualitative research, meaning they aim to explore a certain topic as opposed to measuring it. Focus groups near Albany are led by an experienced moderator or interviewer as they guide a targeted group of 4 to 12 participants. Together, participants are recruited by a focus group company near Albany to openly and freely discuss a brand, product, service, and more. 

Why are focus groups used? 

Focus groups are generally used to gather opinions and ideas on a specific topic or product. While surveys or questionnaires can be useful, these types of quantitative methodologies do not capture what a participant is thinking or feeling. Instead, focus groups in Albany encourage open-ended and broad conversations to draw upon participant attitudes, experiences, and reactions not possible in many other types of research. 

What is the timeline of focus groups?

The timeline to conduct a focus group near Albany from start to finish is typically 5 weeks. However, in some instances focus groups and recruit can be completed in as little as 1 to 2 weeks. This includes time for the project kickoff, screener, guide design, recruitment, hosting of groups, and reporting. 

How much will a focus group near Albany cost?

Unfortunately, there is no one solid price point for the cost of a focus group. A focus group near Albany is entirely customizable, based on the requirements and target audience of the client. A focus group for the New York State Capitol would be entirely different than a focus group conducted for Druther’s, therefore it is hard to determine one total price. In general, the cost of a focus group is dependent on factors such as, how many participants must be recruited, how long the focus groups will last, food and beverage offered for participants, etc. 

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