Focus Groups

  • focus group checklist syracuse research tips

    Focus Group Checklist | Moderator in Syracuse NY

    To run a focus group properly, organization is key. Preparing for focus groups often takes weeks of preparation with tasks ranging from recruitment, to moderator guide development, to the design of participation packets, to finding facilities, to confirmation letters. With so much to think about, when the day actually comes no one would blame you for forgetting even the simplest of items for your focus group. Checklists and protocols help ensure you have everything you need for your focus group

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  • dual moderator focus group upstate ny

    What is a Dual-Moderator Focus Group? | Focus Groups Upstate NY

    If you've ever conducted a focus group for your business or participated as an attendee, you'll quickly realize and respect the amount of preparation which goes into the process. Moderators and their market research firms are often responsible for recruiting participants, sending confirmation emails or letters, preparing the discussion guide, preparing the participation packet, managing the logistics at the focus group, and handling the report. Often, the moderator becomes the project manager a

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  • focus group life cycle market research

    The Focus Group Lifecycle

    When you hear the term "lifecycle" you probably immediately jump back to your memories from your marketing class in college. It's the common principle which attempts to define the lifespan of every product. It claims every product moves through a 4-phase journey from introduction, growth, maturity, and decline as seen below. Forever ingrained into 20-year-old marketing students' minds The flow of a focus group can follow a similar path. Most who are at least somewhat familiar with focus groups

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  • participation packets in focus groups market research

    Why Are Participation Packets Used in Focus Groups?

    One of the advantages of using one-on-one in-depth interviews (IDIs) in-person or by phone, is the elimination of any group bias. In group settings, one participant can be influenced by the opinion of another. It's the job of an experienced and qualified moderator to mitigate such bias, but this group dynamic is often assumed in focus group methodologies. The same group dynamic which influences an individual's opinions is also a main benefit as to why market researchers use focus groups. Back a

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  • qualitative battle focus groups vs in depth interview market research

    Qualitative Battle: Focus Groups vs. In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)?

    Qualitative research can provide deep insights into a customer's mind. The conversational nature of qualitative research allows a moderator to dig into the findings and continually ask "why" to get the root of a decision. It uncovers motivational factors which influence consumer behavior. How do I decide on which methodology to use? Several methodologies exist which fall into the qualitative market research realm, but two of the most popular are focus groups and in-depth phone interviews. Ea

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  • must have qualities focus group moderator syracuse ny

    10 Must-Have Qualities of a Focus Group Moderator | Syracuse, NY

    A few years back I read a book titled Secrets of a Master Moderator written by Naomi Henderson from Riva Market Research & Training Institute. The book was a good read and offered insights and actionable takeaways which I could incorporate into my work as a focus group moderator in Syracuse, NY. Moderating can be a challenging task and many learn they do not fit the profile the hard way (while actually conducting a focus group live.) It takes a person who has a combination of skills which they c

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  • what is a moderators guide focus groups

    What is a Moderator's Guide? | Focus Groups Upstate NY

    What is a moderator's guide in market research? A moderator's guide is a document used by a focus group moderator or interviewer to help standardize and add structure to the focus group or interview by asking a series a sequenced questions which are pre-written before the fieldwork. A moderator's guide is a useful tool to ensure the discussion stays on track and that all objectives are addressed for your client. The term moderator is used synonymous with interviewer for in-depth interviews (IDIs

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  • how do focus groups work

    How Do Focus Groups Work? | Focus Group Moderator Syracuse NY

    Focus groups are a form of qualitative market research aimed at exploring thoughts and perceptions of a group of participants. Focus groups can range in size from 4 to 12. Once you have more than 10 to 12 participants, it is difficult to obtain feedback from all respondents. An easy calculation for this is dividing the number of minutes your focus group lasts by the number of participants. For example, let's say your focus group lasts 120 minutes and has 12 participants. Speaking time per parti

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  • focus group company syracuse ny drive research

    Focus Group Company | Syracuse, NY

    A focus group is a form of qualitative research in which a moderator guides a general group discussion with 4 to 12 people on specific topics to generate conversation and obtain feedback. Focus groups in market research can range from new product concept testing, to advertising testing, to employee feedback groups, to a variety of other topics. Focus groups typically last anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours. Participants of the focus group are typically pre-recruited through online surveys or t

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