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    6 Quick Tips For Creating A Focus Group Moderator's Guide

    I love the saying, "Keep it simple, silly!" When creating a focus group moderator's guide, this means creating a streamlined document that helps the moderator orient themselves and get prepped for a round of focus groups. Many focus group moderators will tell you that focus groups can be time intensive to prepare for and take a lot of energy to conduct. With that said, why not make it easy for moderators and create a guide that helps them get orientated and stay on track? Below are quick tips

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    What Are Pop-Up Focus Groups?

    What are pop-up focus groups exactly? Pop-up focus groups are a market research solution which utilize unique and non-traditional locations for on the spot focus groups. With new research methodologies emerging, pop-up focus groups are among them that are being utilized by Syracuse market research companies and market research companies across the country alike. Wondering why an organization would choose pop-up focus groups? Below Drive Research, our focus group firm, discusses the two reasons

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  • save money focus group upstate ny market research

    How to Save Money With Focus Groups | Qualitative Research Upstate New York

    Budget and cost is always a concern for businesses and organizations. How do we limit expenses? Is there any way to reduce costs? What do we have to do now and what can wait until next year? These are questions that are fired back and forth in conference rooms daily. It is no different for market research companies and focus groups. How much does market research cost? How can we reduce the cost of market research? How much do focus groups cost? Focus groups are a form of qualitative market res

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  • common mistakes with qualitative market research

    3 Common Mistakes with Qualitative Market Research

    Qualitative market research is a subjective process. This does not mean that it is not valuable or insightful but rather it is non-scientific. The data and feedback obtained through qualitative research is less cut and dry and needs to be interpreted. In a focus group or in-depth interview (IDI) you'll gather plenty of specific feedback but it is not statistically reliable. Think of it this way using some simple math. If you stopped 10 random people and asked them to name their favorite NFL tea

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  • alternateive options for focus group facilites syracuse ny market research company

    4 Alternative Options for Focus Group Facilities | Syracuse NY

    Sure, a true focus group facility offers some luxuries. These likely include a one-way mirror for clients to watch the focus group moderator and participants live. Other amenities include AV room hook-ups which make it easy to video and audio record the focus groups. These focus group facilities also include multiple whiteboards and easels, access to HDTV feeds to show creative, tiered seating in the client viewing room, and easy participant access to the room with a waiting room. With all of t

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    Looking for a Focus Group Quote? Here Are 5 Items to Check For

    Searching for a focus group quote from a number of market research and qualitative recruitment companies? You're likely to get a wide range of price estimates. This is due to a number of variables including hourly rates, estimates on how difficult the audience is to find, amount of rewards they are paid to participate, and other criteria. This is also due to some focus group quotes being all-inclusive while others being bare bones. Some qualitative recruitment companies choose to only include a

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  • focus groups versus in depth interviews pros and cons market research

    Focus Groups Versus In-Depth Interviews (And The Pros and Cons of Each)

    On one hand we have focus groups and the other in-depth interviews (IDIs). While it's common to have a research project that utilizes both of these qualitative research methodologies, those with tighter purse strings are posed with a choice. So let's start with qualitative (qual) market research in general. Why would you choose qual in the first place? Qualitative research is great for exploring why. It's used to open up conversation with a particular audience of interest. The conversation typ

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  • Syracuse Athletics Focus Group

    Case Study: Syracuse Athletics Focus Group

    Drive Research recently partnered with Advance Media New York (AMNY) to conduct a focus group with Syracuse Athletics. The focus group was held with the Cuse Council or Fan Council for Syracuse University. The Cuse Council is a group of select individuals recruited to share feedback on Syracuse Athletics on a monthly basis. The monthly meetings are typically an informal gathering to share thoughts on several topics, however the design for this latest session was modeled to mimic a focus group

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  • focus group moderator market research

    5 Unique Focus Group Moderator Tips

    Recently, Drive Research worked with Advance Media New York (AMNY) in Syracuse to volunteer its time to moderate a focus group session for Syracuse Athletics of Syracuse University. Focus groups are a form of qualitative market research aimed at exploring opinions and perceptions. They are not intended to be statistically reliable but they do provide some depth and insight into the mindsets of participants. A focus group moderator is the person who guides and manages the focus group. He or she

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  • get started with focus group market research

    How to Get Started With Focus Group Market Research

    When you hear market research, one of the methodologies that immediately jumps to mind is likely focus groups. Perhaps it's because of all of the attention on television or because they are always integrated into market research courses in college. The "coolness" factor of focus groups have always been evident. They seem more hip than a short questionnaire and garner a lot of awareness at companies. Maybe it's the one-way mirror or the fact that you get to watch participants talk about your pro

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  • What is an Online Focus Group? | Market Research Buffalo

    What is an Online Focus Group? | Market Research Buffalo

    With all of the talk about mobile market research, m-commerce, MROCs, bulletin boards, and online surveys, one would think focus groups are dead. A more accurate statement would be focus groups are evolving. The traditional focus group fans are finding ways to utilize online methodologies and forums to collect the same valuable anecdotes and feedback without having to shell out the cash for an onsite facility, food and beverages, expensive moderators, and participant rewards. As seen ove the pas

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  • reward market research

    You Should Offer a Reward for Your Market Research – Here’s Why

    Practically everyone likes to win something. Think about it, Opera and Ellen have entire shows dedicated to attendees winning various goods/services (and everyone loves to watch)! Through my years of working in the market research industry, I’ve been told countless times by research participants that they are so excited and surprised when they win a sweepstakes from an online survey or see the payoff from participating in a focus group. If you’re considering market research then you might also

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