Focus Groups

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    Choosing a Focus Group Facility | Syracuse, NY

    Choosing the right focus group facility is no easy task. It takes a lot of research and information gathering to make sure your organization has made the right choice. Considering how important your qualitative and focus group project is, you want to make sure you make a smart and educated choice of your focus group facility. Although there are many factors which influence the choice of a focus group facility, I will cover 3 of the most basic and core criteria to consider. All 3 of these facto

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    Making Sense of a Qualitative Interview Transcript

    So, the interviews or focus groups are completed and the transcripts are in. Now what? Upon first glance, one can see there's often a lot of meat in a typical transcript. Tens of pages documenting a single interview may be at your disposal. Don't let it overwhelm you, though. There's bound to be great insights that stem from the content in these transcripts! Before diving into the first page, take a moment to consider some of the following points to get the most out of your transcripts. Wor

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    10 Rules for Focus Groups

    Have an upcoming focus group? Wondering what the rules of focus groups are? Focus groups are a common form of qualitative research. Typically, focus groups invite 10 to 12 people to participate. Focus group often last between 1 to 2 hours. Participants are often offered an honorarium as a thank you for participating. Here's a quick breakdown of the steps in a focus group project. Curious about how much a focus group costs? In a previous post we dug into this topic. As a general rule, focus g

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    4 Benefits of Using Transcripts in Qualitative Market Research

    Market research data for analysis can be divided into two categories: quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative data refers to numerical data. Think of it as information that deals with quantities and can be recorded with numbers. Your shoe size for example is quantitative. If you are a size 10, you are a size 10 and only a size 10. That size is measurable and is recorded with a number. Qualitative research is more exploratory and is used to gain knowledge about motivations, options, and exper

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    Using Market Research for Root Cause Analysis

    Every company aims for consistent and steady growth in revenue. The last topic in a business meeting that executives want to address is, “Why is revenue down?” There are a multitude of reasons a company’s profits can decrease, but to learn the core reason a problem occurred your organization should consider root cause analysis. What is Root Cause Analysis in Market Research? In market research, root cause analysis is a systematic method of discovering the truest and main reason a problem h

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    Understanding Non-Verbal Cues in Market Research

    Market research is an essential piece of the marketing and strategy process for any organization. Gaining insight about consumer needs, opinions, and preferences can be a key component in both the short-term and long-term success of a product or service. Essentially, it's vital. There are a multitude of ways market research can be conducted. Common in-person methods include focus groups and 1:1 interviews. During this process, the researcher will ask a series of questions in order to learn more

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    The Insider's Guide to Managing a Focus Group

    Managing a focus group can seem like a daunting task. There are many pieces of a focus group that need to fall into place to ensure a successful market research project. Looking for the ultimate guide to manage a focus group? Look no further! The 9 tasks needed to ensure a successful focus group include (1) screener set up, (2) quota management, (3) client updates, (4) adjustments, (5) facility booking, (6) audio and visual needs, (7) refreshments, (8) confirmations to participants, and (9) re

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    How to Develop a Panel for Focus Groups | Market Research Firm

    Developing a panel to then use to recruit from for focus groups, qualitative interviews, and surveys can be a long-term money saver. Rather than trying to recruit a completely fresh audience for each new project, and panel provides you with a group of pre-recruited individuals to participate in your market research. A panel can help you recruit participants for your focus groups efficiently without draining your market research project budget. Here is theoretical example of the objectives behin

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  • best length for a focus group qualitative research

    What is the Best Length for a Focus Group? | Qualitative Research Firm

    Focus groups are likely the most common form of qualitative market research. They involve a group discussion led by a moderator or facilitator who guides the dialogue. The moderator typically uses a guide to help section out the discussion. This usually includes an introduction, warm-up, and several other sections. Here are 4 tips to help moderate a focus group discussion. The optimal length of a focus group is a frequent question in market research. The majority of focus groups you encounter

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    4 Value-Added Deliverables After Focus Groups | Firm in Syracuse

    As our team preps for focus groups in Greensboro, North Carolina and St. Louis, Missouri this week, we are immediately thinking about next steps with the project. Sitting in and watching focus groups live can offer a lot of value for a client. Hearing respondents talk about about a brand, product, company, or topic of interest live is hard to replicate through a recording. However, most if not all qualitative market research projects involve a next step. Sitting in on the focus group and taking

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    4 Tips to Help Facilitate a Focus Group Discussion | Focus Group Moderator

    Preparing to moderate a focus group discussion? In order to do it well it takes some preparation, practice, and experience. Facilitating or moderating a focus group is a bit of an art. It involves organization, people management, verbal cues, and many other group dynamic skills. In this post we discuss 4 basic tips to help you facilitate a focus group discussion as a moderator. These tips are practical but will help you better prepare for your next discussion. Here are 4 tips to help moderat

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    5 Major Benefits of Online Focus Groups | Upstate New York Firm

    Online focus groups are a newer methodology being utilized in market research. Traditional focus groups have long been a commonly used approach for qualitative research and they might be the most well-known form of market research around. However, times have changed and the industry is forced to reinvent and think of new ways to collect feedback. Enter online focus groups. Online focus groups are an interactive discussion board held on a software or website where moderators can interact with p

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