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    Where is the Best Place to Hold a Focus Group? | Focus Group Cities U.S.

    Choosing a place to host a focus group is no easy decision. When doing a simple search for focus group facilities in the U.S. you are likely to come across hundreds of potential locations in cities across America. The choice is not easy. In this post, I'll walk you through some questions to ask yourself before deciding on how to move forward with your focus group location. This includes reviewing items like: The type of location you want to host the groups at The type of audience you are looki

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    What is Group Effect? | Focus Group Company New York

    Market research companies hate bias. We try to avoid it at all costs. Oftentimes when market researchers think of bias, the top examples that come to mind occur in surveys. Check out this post that covers 5 types of bias in market research. Safe to say, bias can occur in all types of market research studies (i.e., surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, mystery shopping, etc.) if the team is not careful. This post takes an inside look at group effect, which is a type of bias that effects f

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    What Makes a Focus Group Project Successful? | 5 Focus Group Recruiting Tips

    Successfully recruiting for a focus group is the first step to executing a great project. A lot of effort goes into a successful focus group recruit. Some of these tasks are done behind the scenes by a focus group facility. Below is a list of 7 focus group recruiting tips to understand how to make a focus group project successful! Here's what you'll look like after a successful focus group project! Tip #1: Clearly define the screening criteria First things first, a focus group facility w

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    What to Look for in a Focus Group Facility? | Syracuse NY

    Conducting a focus group study can provide insightful marketing research. Brands take the information obtained from the study to improve products or services as well as the overall customer experience (CX). Keep reading to learn about key factors to consider when choosing a focus group facility. Not all focus group facilities are created equal. Searching for the right facility for your qualitative market research? Consider these factors. Factor 1: Recruiting Capabilities The most importa

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    How to Conduct Alumni Focus Groups | Higher Ed Market Research

    Higher education institutions often come to Drive Research to assist with alumni market research. The studies typically involve further understanding and insights from the alumni CRM database colleges and universities have. If any type of CRM database analysis was done as a first step, it most likely segments the alumni affinity groups into different buckets. This segmentation analysis can provide incredibly helpful to a higher ed institution as they look to understand their database. The objec

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    Stop Being So Nice in Market Research. Sincerely, the Friendliness Effect

    Consumer suggestions and feedback are essential to brand success. In many cases, it is through customer feedback that significant issues with products and services are effectively resolved. For many brands, though, they fail to take into account the Friendliness Effect when performing market research to obtain feedback. It all boils down to bias. Unfortunately, market researchers and marketing professionals acting as market researchers are often bias without intentionally meaning to be. For bra

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    Looking for a Focus Group Facility in Buffalo? Consider Syracuse. Here's Why.

    Options exist. If you are looking to host a focus group in Buffalo or Western New York, you may want to think about broadening your scope to include Syracuse. Located only 2 hours from Buffalo, Syracuse offers several advantages over the options you may find in Western New York. We highlight 3 of these features below you should consider when weighing your decision. This includes (1) very similar demographics to Buffalo residents, (2) a central location in Upstate New York, and (3) the ease of a

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    Choosing a Focus Group Facility | Syracuse, NY

    Choosing the right focus group facility is no easy task. It takes a lot of research and information gathering to make sure your organization has made the right choice. Considering how important your qualitative and focus group project is, you want to make sure you make a smart and educated choice of your focus group facility. Although there are many factors which influence the choice of a focus group facility, I will cover 3 of the most basic and core criteria to consider. All 3 of these facto

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    Making Sense of a Qualitative Interview Transcript

    So, the interviews or focus groups are completed and the transcripts are in. Now what? Upon first glance, one can see there's often a lot of meat in a typical transcript. Tens of pages documenting a single interview may be at your disposal. Don't let it overwhelm you, though. There's bound to be great insights that stem from the content in these transcripts! Before diving into the first page, take a moment to consider some of the following points to get the most out of your transcripts. Wor

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    10 Rules for Focus Groups

    Have an upcoming focus group? Wondering what the rules of focus groups are? Focus groups are a common form of qualitative research. Typically, focus groups invite 10 to 12 people to participate. Focus group often last between 1 to 2 hours. Participants are often offered an honorarium as a thank you for participating. Here's a quick breakdown of the steps in a focus group project. Curious about how much a focus group costs? In a previous post we dug into this topic. As a general rule, focus g

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    4 Benefits of Using Transcripts in Qualitative Market Research

    Market research data for analysis can be divided into two categories: quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative data refers to numerical data. Think of it as information that deals with quantities and can be recorded with numbers. Your shoe size for example is quantitative. If you are a size 10, you are a size 10 and only a size 10. That size is measurable and is recorded with a number. Qualitative research is more exploratory and is used to gain knowledge about motivations, options, and exper

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    Using Market Research for Root Cause Analysis

    Every company aims for consistent and steady growth in revenue. The last topic in a business meeting that executives want to address is, “Why is revenue down?” There are a multitude of reasons a company’s profits can decrease, but to learn the core reason a problem occurred your organization should consider root cause analysis. What is Root Cause Analysis in Market Research? In market research, root cause analysis is a systematic method of discovering the truest and main reason a problem h

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