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  • conduct monthly customer satisfaction surveys

    Why You Should Conduct Monthly Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    No one will argue conducting customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys gives organizations an edge against its competitors. Right? However, I think you’ll agree that this edge is sharpened even more by conducting customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, conducting customer satisfaction research in the first place is a critical step for all organizations that helps orient and drive the customer-centric mentality forward. However, in our competitive and ever evolving world

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  • month review may market research

    Month in Review: May 2017

    Can you feel it? It’s almost summer! This past month at Drive Research was exciting and filled with traveling! Our month was filled with shows, meetings, and networking. Even as a start-up that's in go-go-go mode, we even found time last month to give back. In case you haven’t heard, Drive Research is a market research company in Syracuse, NY. We specialize in several different industries ranging from manufacturing to banking to retail and more. We also offer a wide range of services from Voice

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  • social media business tips

    Guide to the Top 5 Social Media Platforms

    The social media landscape can be overwhelming. With so many options available to businesses it's easy to wonder where you'll find the time to manage 1, let alone 10. However, by understanding how each platform works and which audience each platform caters to, it becomes a little easier to make evidence and fact-based decisions about which ones to invest time and energy into and which ones you may be able to pass on. In this post, I'll take a look at the top 5 social media platforms for busines

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  • benefits of using a third party panel market research company syracuse

    Benefits of Using a Third-Party Panel | Market Research Company Syracuse NY

    What if I told you the potential to learn from consumers and customers quickly to drive decision making is easy and is right in front of you? I think we’d be in agreement that it’s something worth exploring! Market research panels offer just that – a quick and easy way to get feedback from consumers, and it can be available right in the palm of our hands whenever you need it. The concept behind research panels is pretty simple. A research panel company creates a database of individuals with con

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  • review market research rochester

    Month in Review: April 2017 | Market Research Company Rochester, NY

    We’re excited to welcome spring! While winter proved to be a busy season at Drive Research, we can say without hesitation that spring is too. During April, our focus at Drive Research was to complete and secure several projects, and continue to spread awareness of our team. We attended a lot of local events we’ve had our fair share of giving our “elevator speech”! Have you heard of Drive Research yet? We’re new the scene in as a market research company serving Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, and Sy

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  • reward market research

    You Should Offer a Reward for Your Market Research – Here’s Why

    Practically everyone likes to win something. Think about it, Opera and Ellen have entire shows dedicated to attendees winning various goods/services (and everyone loves to watch)! Through my years of working in the market research industry, I’ve been told countless times by research participants that they are so excited and surprised when they win a sweepstakes from an online survey or see the payoff from participating in a focus group. If you’re considering market research then you might also

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  • case study voc kris tech wire rome

    Case Study: Voice of Customer (VoC) Survey for Kris-Tech Wire in Rome, NY

    Objectives of the Market Research Kris-Tech Wire partnered with Drive Research and Advance Media New York to conduct a Voice of Customer (VoC) survey. The market research study provided Kris-Tech Wire with the necessary data to better understand customer needs, wants, behaviors, as well as other secondary objectives. The data and findings from the market research helped guide the client with customer relationship strategies, marketing ROI, competitive insight, and opportunity areas to further s

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  • market research infographic

    6 Things to Consider for Your Market Research Infographic

    Intriguing data and well-polished graphics are two of my favorite things. Joined together in a perfect harmony, they create what's called an infographic. Infographics are an effective way to present snippets and key information from the results of a market research study. At our market research company, we strive to provide clients with reports that present data in the most meaningful and impactful way. This succinct and creative way of presenting information makes market research infographics i

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