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  • idis-interview-market-research-02152018

    What Are IDIs? | In-depth Interviews Market Research

    Wish you could have a conversation with key customers or target consumers? In-depth interviews (IDIs) are what you have been seeking! As a market research company serving organizations from coast to coast, we know all about IDIs and can walk you through everything you need to know about this market research methodology. We also know choosing a research methodology can be tough if you are new to research or unsure about the benefits of different research methodologies. The decision on what metho

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  • great-research-interviewer-in-depth-market-02092018

    What Makes a Great Research Interviewer? | In-Depth Interviews (IDI)

    So you are curious about in-depth interviews (IDIs) and wondering what makes a great research interviewer? Drive Research to the rescue! IDIs are a type of qualitative market research used to explore new topics or ideas. For example, a company may decide to conduct IDIs if they were in the planning stages for developing a new product. We like to think of qualitative research as a tool to explore, while quantitative research is used to measure. An awesome research interviewer has a greater tale

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  • voc-research-action-market-02022018

    Voice of Customer (VoC) Research in Action

    One of my favorite things to hear about in the news is companies putting customer feedback to good use! Voice of Customer (VoC) research gathers the thoughts and opinions from (you guessed it) customers. While I work with this type of research everyday it's great to see it promoted and discussed on a national level... especially when coffee is involved (note the foreshadowing). There are various different research methodologies organizations can use to collect VoC data. Classic examples of VoC

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  • benefits feedback surveys market research

    The Benefits of Continuous Customer Feedback Surveys

    A goal for many organizations this year is to become more customer-centric, but to truly do so, is a yearly Voice of Customer (VoC) methodology, enough? We challenge that. Our customer feedback survey company in NY argues there is a lot more value if this type of monitoring and measurement is conducted regularly. Continuous customer feedback surveys can be developed with custom survey questions to address organization's specific objectives. The script is custom designed, invites can be personal

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  • pop-up-focus-groups-market-research

    What Are Pop-Up Focus Groups?

    What are pop-up focus groups exactly? Pop-up focus groups are a market research solution which utilize unique and non-traditional locations for on the spot focus groups. With new research methodologies emerging, pop-up focus groups are among them that are being utilized by Syracuse market research companies and market research companies across the country alike. Wondering why an organization would choose pop-up focus groups? Below Drive Research, our focus group firm, discusses the two reasons

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  • New Emerging Methodologies in Market Research

    6 New Emerging Methodologies in Market Research

    Wondering what's trending in the market research industry? You've come to the right blog! In this post, we put a spotlight on 6 emerging methodologies in market research which include: Social media analytics Text analytics Mobile ethnography Research gamification Sensory testing Crowdsourcing Some of these methodologies you may have already heard of, others maybe not. Either way, our market research company in Syracuse, NY that serves clients across the country can define each with examples f

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  • market-research-every-year-01052018

    Market Research You Should Be Doing Every Year

    The mark of a new year or new quarter typically means new and improved business strategies will be unleashed. These new strategies may include the need to get a deeper understanding of your customers, what consumers think of your brand, how satisfied employees are, and more. Before creating these new strategies during a team brainstorming session turn instead to data. The data gained through market research gives an organization the tools to develop strategies based on feedback from key audienc

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  • collect data for competitive assessment market research

    4 Ways to Collect Data for a Competitive Assessment

    Do you really know how well you stack up against your competitors? Do you really know or is it just a gut feeling? Market research challenges your "gut feelings" with competitive assessments. The goal of a competitive assessment is to provide the information and data needed to fuel strategy. Perhaps customers perceive your brand to be more positive than some competitors or more negative than other competitors. Are you left wondering why? Market research answers these types of questions through

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  • how long does market research take

    How Long Does Market Research Take?

    From focus groups to in-depth interviews to surveys, are you left wondering how long market research actually takes? In truth, the answer is that it depends. However, we can provide some more information and context to those market research timelines below. There are several different factors involved which impact timelines for market research, but the biggest factors are: Understanding the objectives of the research and Developing an effective market research methodology to meet those needs.

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  • questions testing online survey market research

    Common Questions When Testing an Online Survey | Company in NY

    Testing an online survey can lead to a lot of questions. A mark of a true market research professional is someone who is able to explain the intricacies of research in a way that is easy to understand and not overwhelming. In a previous post, we discussed the online survey testing process. Learn more about the online survey testing checklist. Want to learn more about the most common questions (and answers) when testing an online survey? Learn more below! Don't worry, we'll answer all your qu

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  • online survey testing checklist

    Online Survey Testing Checklist | How to Program an Online Survey

    So your online survey is written and ready to go? In this post, our market research company in NY will discuss the next logical step for all online surveys... programming! Survey programming can become tricky very easily if the survey has a lot of routing, piping, etc. Routing and piping is skip patterns in a survey (e.g. if the answer to Q1 = YES, skip to Q3 and so on). First time writing a survey? In a previous post, I discussed 4 survey writing tips! In market research, the research tool dev

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  • market research goal writing survey

    Why Goal Language is Important for Survey Writing

    We have talked about it before, and we are definitely going to talk about it in the future; survey writing is an art form. I'm not comparing survey writing to a Picasso, but if you took an inside look at the surveys crafted by Drive Research you would see what I'm talking about. Survey writing is not one of those traits you are born with, but being a curious person helps. Curiosity is one of those traits many (if not all) analysts have. It is the driving force of our work. We ask why? We dig de

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