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  • common issues with surveys written by non researchers

    6 Common Issues with Surveys Written by Non-Researchers

    Practice makes perfect! Survey writing is an art form. Several factors need to be taken into account when creating a survey. The top 6 factors market researchers keep top of mind when writing a survey are: Mutually exclusive close-ended answers Collectively exhaustive close-ended answers Bias wording and phrasing Order bais Survey flow Forgetting about the respondent After years of practice, remembering these factors becomes second nature for market research pros when survey writing. If you a

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  • market research Hartford Connecticut drive research

    Market Research Hartford CT | Key Statistics, Data, and Demographics

    Searching for key statistics and demographic information on the Hartford and New Haven, CT Designated Market Area (DMA)? We have you covered! Below is a variety of demographic insight including population trends, gender, age, income, housing, and education. Drive Research is a market research company that serves Hartford and New Haven, CT. The information below was gathered using a proprietary in-house secondary data information source used in our custom market research studies. Secondary data,

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  • demographics market research survey drive research

    7 Types of Demographic Questions to Include in a Market Research Survey

    Surveys need to be short and concise to keep respondents engaged and ensure a higher response rate. Remember highly engaged respondents and higher response rates means better data! Therefore, survey writers should not ask a bunch of demographic questions in a survey unless those questions are necessary. Need to get back to the basics? Here are some tips on how to write a survey. To determine whether or not a demographic question is necessary to ask in a survey, first find out if that data has

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  • market-research-burlington-04132018

    Market Research Burlington VT | Key Statistics, Data, and Demographics

    Searching for demographic information and key statistics on Burlington, VT? Market research to the rescue! One of the pieces we like writing about often is profiling other markets. These include demographic profiles of areas like Springfield MA, Cleveland OH, and Scranton PA. Below is data on population, gender, age, income, education, and housing in the Burlington, VT designated market area (DMA). The data discussed below was sourced using an in-house proprietary secondary data system. Seconda

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  • market-research-cleveland-04112018

    Market Research Cleveland, OH | Key Statistics, Data, and Demographics

    Do business in Cleveland and searching for data and insight on this area? Drive Research, a market research company that serves Cleveland, OH, has you covered! The following post discusses key statistics, data, and demographics of the mapped Designated Market Area (DMA). Secondary market research data is often used to strengthen results of a custom market research study and provide further insight into the geographic area of interest. The secondary market research data discussed below was gaine

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  • tips-market-research-report-04062018

    4 Tips for a Better Market Research Report Presentation

    The fieldwork for your market research project is complete, the data has been analyzed and compiled into a report, so there is only one thing left to do, the presentation! Preparing for a market research presentation may not be a quick and easy task the first few times. Once you get into a rhythm that works best for you, you'll be a market research presentation pro! Drive Research is a market research company that serves Rochester, NY, as well as market research needs across the country, and i

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  • creating-focus-group-moderator-market-research-03282018

    6 Quick Tips For Creating A Focus Group Moderator's Guide

    I love the saying, "Keep it simple, silly!" When creating a focus group moderator's guide, this means creating a streamlined document that helps the moderator orient themselves and get prepped for a round of focus groups. Many focus group moderators will tell you that focus groups can be time intensive to prepare for and take a lot of energy to conduct. With that said, why not make it easy for moderators and create a guide that helps them get orientated and stay on track? Below are quick tips

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  • What is a Market Research Panel

    What is a Market Research Panel?

    Wondering what market research panels are? Who uses market research panels? How much market research panels cost? We've got you covered! With the rise of digital research like online surveys, online in-depth interviews (IDIs), online focus groups, and more, research panels have been growing in popularity. Research panels offer the ability to reach specific populations easier and faster. It answers one of the most unknown factors in market research, "How do we reach this specific audience?" In

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  • market-research-survey-tips-03202018

    Top 5 Market Research Survey Tips

    Time flies when you work hard! I've completed my first year at Drive Research, a market research company serving Rochester, NY, and over the past year I've written nearly 50 blogs! Forty-eight to be precise. Can you believe it? It has definitely been an exciting, fast-paced first year. And, it's safe to say I've learned a lot. In those 48 blogs, I've written about various market research topics and Drive Research updates. A topic that I tend to come back to and discuss further are surveys. The

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  • survey-performance-bonuses-market-research-03082018

    5 Dangers of Tying Customer Surveys to Performance Bonuses

    Warning! Tying customer survey responses to performance bonuses can be a dangerous path. Yet, so many organizations continue to tie performance and bonuses heavily to customer feedback and customer satisfaction. The principle itself is a sound one. If you keep our customers happy, our business succeeds, so our employees should succeed too. However, many organizations have the the purpose misaligned. The feedback should be unbiased and real, not forcibly aiming the participant to choose a high s

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  • market-research-trends-recap-03012018

    2018 Market Research Trends | Drive Research Recap of the Quirk's Event

    This week Emily, Research Analyst at Drive Research, attended The Quirk’s Event 2018 in Brooklyn, NY. Over the course of two days, the event featured several speakers who discussed new case studies, tips, and insight on the market research industry. At the event, Emily attended 13 sessions which meant 390 minutes to learn new tips and insight! Below are a few tidbits learned from each of the sessions she attended. Emily, Research Analyst at Drive Research, attended The Quirk's Event in Brookly

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  • process-mail-survey-02222018

    What is the Process for a Mail Survey?

    I know, I know... I recently discussed why my favorite research methodology is online surveys, but that does not mean I don't appreciate the benefits of mail surveys. Albeit, mail surveys may seem like an archaic methodology, but they do offer some intriguing benefits. For starters, mail surveys are great when reaching the target audience(s) via social media, email, or other online methods are not feasible. Second, mail surveys can offer a credibility factor. For example, if the survey is bein

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