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Working with Our Albany User Experience (UX) Company 

What is UX?

As a style of qualitative market research, user experience (UX) focuses on evaluating a respondent’s or participant’s interaction with a website, application, program, or software. It involves a research interviewer understanding how satisfying or how easy a user’s experience is on a given platform. User experience research is often used by organizations planning to launch or redesign their current site or app. 

What are the benefits of UX?

Drive Research, a UX research company near Albany and surrounding areas focuses on collecting feedback live. Those participating in user experience research are asked to share their screens while they scroll through a website, app, or a similar program.

Doing so, UX research interviewers detect the certain likes and dislikes of a site visitor and offer suggested improvements before launching the new or existing platform live. This type of qualitative research is advantageous for enhancing customer satisfaction, as businesses are able to solve critical and common user issues. High levels of customer satisfaction equate to an increase in returning customers and sales.  

How does the UX research process work?

Drive Research, a UX market research firm has a detailed process for those in Albany and surrounding areas looking to complete this type of research. Our user experience research process includes: 

  • Proposal 
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Workplan 
  • Creating a recruitment screener
  • Starting the recruit
  • Developing a moderator’s guide
  • Fieldwork 
  • Analysis and reporting 

Based on the needs of your Albany-based business, a UX research report delivered by Drive Research can include an executive summary, action items and recommendations, and an appendix covering the details from your user experience respondents or participants. 

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How does Drive Research recruit participants for UX?

Our user experience firm near Albany has the expertise to recruit both general and niche target markets. This is conducted through our in-house research panel as well as organic and paid social media advertisements.  

How much does UX research cost?

There are a variety of ways to complete UX research, therefore it is difficult to share an estimate with little background into your project objectives and needs. Our user experience firm near Albany partners with your organization to decide what methodology is best with your specifications in mind.

This may include a qualitative one-on-one interview with participants, an online survey with hundreds of respondents, or a combination of both. Given this insight will allow Drive Research to provide a final estimate for your UX research study. 

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