Tim Gell

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    10 Weird Stats About The Syracuse DMA

    As a Syracuse resident for over 3 years, I become more curious about the history and makeup of the area with every passing day. Recently, I did a little research of my own to get a deeper understanding of the place I call home, and the results were rather surprising. Using a tool called Demographics Now by eSite Analytics at Drive Research, I discovered a variety of secondary data for the Syracuse Designated Market Area, or DMA. DMAs are often used to define areas for media and advertising purc

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    Case Study: NYC Construction Worker Survey for Attorney Selection Process

    With over eight and a half million residents, New York City is one of the best locations for conducting market research in the country. Drive Research is well-equipped to target respondents here for almost all methodologies. Recently, we completed a study with a leading Staten Island media agency to gather the opinions of construction workers in New York City. The main goal of this research initiative was to build an understanding of how construction workers seek legal help if they become inju

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    5 Best Practices for Market Research Borrowed from Psychology

    Principles of psychology are intertwined throughout market research. Many decisions are based on an individual’s anticipated thought process or behavior. Psychology fundamentals are used to interpret market research results. Psychology also influences the underlying processes of market research. I recently read the Quirk’s article, “Psychology’s reminder to MR: Part 2: 5 best practices” and it provided me with some great points on how important it is to keep market research in check with scient

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    Survey Company NY | 6 Tips When Programming a Survey

    It can be easy to forget about the programming stage of an online survey. This work is largely done in the background with little external input outside the programmer. The lack of spotlight on the programming, however, does not make the process any less crucial to a successful survey effort. Lack of focus at this stage can lead to a dysfunctional survey, faulty data, and negative brand representation. From my experience with programming online surveys, I've developed a list of six helpful tip

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    Making Sense of a Qualitative Interview Transcript

    So, the interviews or focus groups are completed and the transcripts are in. Now what? Upon first glance, one can see there's often a lot of meat in a typical transcript. Tens of pages documenting a single interview may be at your disposal. Don't let it overwhelm you, though. There's bound to be great insights that stem from the content in these transcripts! Before diving into the first page, take a moment to consider some of the following points to get the most out of your transcripts. Worri

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    4 Lessons I Learned From My First Survey

    I was fortunate enough to discover market research as my passion while attending college. It was sitting in the course MKTG 320, Market Research, that I received my first exposure to the industry. My a-ha moment hit me during our first survey project, in which I had to write a survey, distribute the document, analyze the data, and present my results. I knew then that this process was something I could really grow to love. Our assignment was to pick any topic of interest and try to understand p

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    How to Conduct Secondary Research

    It doesn't always make sense to start a market research study from scratch. Sometimes questions can be answered through publicly available information. This is better known as secondary research, or the use of preexisting sources to address new objectives. With the Information Age in full swing, the Internet has become the prime vehicle for conducting secondary research. Aside from research limited to print, searching online offers a person access to seemingly endless information about virtuall

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    4 Tips for Global Market Research

    It has never been easier to conduct market research on a global scale. Widespread adoption of technology and access to the Internet are making international business possible almost anywhere in the world. However, before diving headfirst into a global market research initiative, know what you are getting yourself into. It won't be as simple as copying and pasting your standard practices that you've perfected for domestic research. Instead, there are a number of new factors to consider as your o

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    Ethical Practices in Market Research

    Anywhere in business, ethics play an important role. Ethical practices are what help establish trust between parties and provide structure for dealings. The market research industry is no exception to these practices. At every step of a market research effort, a market research company takes measures to ensure both participants and clients are treated fairly and with respect. Both sides have a right to be treated with respect in a research effort. Be sure participants feel valued for their time

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    The Case for a Geofencing Survey

    The meteoric rise of mobile device ownership has opened countless doors for market research. Geofencing, also known as location-based targeting, is one of the most effective applications of mobile devices for conducting surveys. On a broad scale, geofencing is the creation of virtual boundaries that trigger a pre-programmed action on a mobile device when the device enters or leaves the boundary. When there is interest in targeting respondents who visit specific locations, a geofencing survey co

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    The Value of Mystery Shopping and How to Plan for Success

    How do clients obtain information about a competitor or other company of interest without walking through the door or placing an online order themselves? The answer is the methodology known as mystery shopping. Researchers employ mystery shopping when there is a desire to understand the details of a process or experience first-hand. Mystery shopping can be conducted in-person, online, or over the phone, depending on the objectives. Mystery Shopping is an effective way to understand the customer

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