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  • Advantages-Disadvantages-Mobile-Kiosk-Surveys

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Kiosk Surveys

    It seems like kiosks are showing up more and more in everyday consumer experiences. Actions such as printing your boarding pass at an airport or searching the directory of a mall have been taken over by the growth of digital kiosks. Did you know you can take surveys at some of the latest mobile kiosks? Often placed near the exit of retail stores, these mobile kiosk surveys are displays with an embedded device for consumers to take a programmed questionnaire. The idea is for a customer to answer

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  • VOC-Questions-Need-Asking-Video

    3 Voice of Customer (VoC) Questions You Need to be Asking | Market Research Video

    Your business has decided to run a Voice of Customer (VoC) program. Your organization as next decided to create an online survey for your VoC program. To best reach your customers and non-customers, your organization feels it is most beneficial to include the link to the online survey in an email. You hit send on the email and it is received by your entire contact list. This may include customers, potential customers, and the general public. Online survey responses start flooding in. However, a

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  • 6 Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

    6 Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

    Customers are becoming experts at identifying paid advertisements and instinctively diverting their attention elsewhere. Customers do not want to be sold to. Instead, when they are ready to buy, they do their own research on their path to purchase. Think about the way you shop. Do you scroll past ads or stop to review? Personally, I hover my mouse over the 'Skip Ad' button on YouTube before I even have a chance to consume the ad. As a business, how do you overcome this client or customer evolu

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  • consumer-loyalty-survey-market-research-06262019

    Consumer Loyalty Survey | How to Measure Consumer Loyalty

    It is anyone's best guess where consumers' loyalties lie. However, a consumer loyalty survey uses data and facts to help a company or brand reduce the unknown and identify key drivers in measuring returning customers. It is not as easy as a consumer using your product one-time for he or she to indefinitely fall in love and never switch to a competitor. There are multiple emotional, psychological, and social factors in which encourages recurring usage of a product for consumers. So what is real

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  • case-study-client-satisfaction-survey-fundraising-06182019

    Case Study: Client Satisfaction Survey for Fundraising Organization

    Most businesses check in with their clients from time to time to maintain their relationships and informally assess client needs. However, what if you are looking for a more holistic view of client satisfaction? You won't find this information easily through courtesy emails and phone calls. To really understand how your clients feel, you might want to consider partnering with a market research company to conduct a client satisfaction survey. By using a third party to speak with your clients, or

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  • market-research-generation-z-tips-06102019

    Market Research with Generation Z | 4 Things You Need to Know

    With all the talk of Millennials seemingly killing and reviving industries every day in the news, you might not have noticed that Generation Z is entering adulthood. In fact, the oldest "kids" in Generation Z are now 23 years old! Like it or not, these are your upcoming market research respondents. Businesses can no longer afford to solely focus on Baby Boomers and Millennials with a new generation of buying power around the corner. They currently already influence 93% of household spending. I

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  • market-research-tips-best-practices-06032019

    New Research on Market Research Best Practices

    During my time at The Quirk's Event in Chicago this past April, I sat in on a fascinating presentation about something not often considered in market research: doing research on evolving market research best practices. Why not use your own expertise to optimize your market research processes? Comcast partnered with Phoenix MI to understand the current state of online survey respondents and how the rapidly changing world is impacting their research behaviors. Their study aimed to find answers to

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  • agile-market-research-choices-05272019

    What is Agile Market Research?

    There's that word again, agile. You have probably heard this popular buzzword in the context of Silicon Valley startup tech companies. Originally created as a new approach for software development, agile practices are all about working in faster cycles than traditional methods to meet an end goal. This innovative approach to business processes has been circulating through industries outside of software, including market research. Researchers recognized the advantages of agile projects and the a

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  • clean-survey-data-market-research-05222019

    How to Clean Your Survey Data | Market Research Video

    A crucial piece of any online survey is data cleaning. Doing so ensures the quality of your survey results are completely accurate and trustworthy. The time is takes to clean your survey data will vary based on who you have sent the survey invitation to. Whether it be a research participant panel, a list of current customers, or your social media followers responding to your online survey – once their completes start to roll in, it is time to start cleaning the data. In this video you will lea

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  • experimental-survey-market-research-05142019

    What is an Experiential Survey? | Gamification in Market Research

    Consumer surveys have evolved over the years, with the transition from traditional research methodologies such as mail and telephone surveys to enhanced experiential surveys. More specifically, experiential and online surveys continue to further adapt to consumer technology trends with shopping receipt surveys, mobile optimized surveys, and recently gamification. Gamification is the concept of incorporating gaming elements into other activities, often for businesses. The main idea behind gamif

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  • improve-market-research-insight-reports-05032019

    Improve Your Market Research Insights Reports

    If you do anything the same way for long enough, it eventually becomes stale. If you've ever worked with market insights reports, you know this to be especially true. Research insights reports often fall into the trap of showing endless tables and charts in the same format, likely because this is how it's always been done. As a result, readers become disengaged and miss important data points. How can you kick your market insights report up a notch? Constantly evolve your work. Funny enough, ou

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  • sensitive-topics-market-research-consider-04232019

    Sensitive Topics in Market Research | 7 Factors to Consider

    In a typical market research project, the subject material is fairly uncontroversial. From time to time, our market research company has the pleasure of conducting surveys on fun topics like community beer preferences and the beloved Syracuse St. Patrick's Day Parade. However, there are also more sensitive topics in market research which require a different level of care and preparation. Participants may answer questions about their experiences with topics including: Financial struggle Medical

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