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  • understand-customers-ethnography-market-research-03292019

    A Deeper Understanding of Customers | Ethnography in Market Research

    In most forms of market research, we take the participant's word as all we need to know for our data. Who knows their opinions and beliefs better than themselves, right? However, there are cases in which a market research participant has more to offer than what they simply say. No, I don't mean online surveys versus spoken interviews. I'm talking about participant behavior versus thoughts. This is the main idea behind ethnographic market research. Let's back up a bit. Ethnographic research is

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  • diy-market-research-tools-03192019

    Do-It-Yourself Market Research Tools | 4 Mistakes Made

    I'll admit, market research may look simple to someone who has never done it before. Ask a few questions, get some answers, and unlock game-changing insights. This belief is probably why we see many people turn to do-it-yourself (DIY) market research tools online or through software. As someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes market research each day, I can't in good conscious say it will be easy to complete it on your own. That said, I have a few suggestions on how to best go about your own mar

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  • case-study-equity-mortgage-02252019

    Home Equity and Mortgage Experience Survey | Case Study

    Drive Research recently completed an online survey with a regional multi-state bank to understand the home equity and mortgage experiences of customers. Decision-making of homeowners around lending, including preferences and concerns, was a main focus in the study. Also addressed was the comfort level with emerging lending technology solutions available to customers. Learn more about the objectives, market research approach, and outcomes were for this project in this case study overview. This

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  • desk-researcher-how-use-02142019

    Desk Research | What It Is and How You Can Use It

    Sorry to disappoint some of you, but this post is not about finding the best deal on office furniture at IKEA. Desk research actually means something completely different in the world of market research. This method is about using data and information that already exists for your own intents and purposes. You may better know this method as Secondary Research. In this post, I will cover what desk research entails and several of its valuable uses. At Drive Research, we use multiple tools that pr

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  • market-research-study-blinded-02072019

    What Does it Mean for a Market Research Study to be Blinded?

    Let's say you've decided to field an online survey among the customers of your product or service. Before you start designing the questions and moving too far ahead, there is an important question to ask yourself: do I want to want to remain anonymous as the sponsor of the survey? If the answer to that question is "Yes," then the best option for your market research may be a blind study. A blind study, or blind survey in the example mentioned above, is a market research study that does not disc

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  • sentiment-analysis-market-research-tips-01292019

    Using Sentiment Analysis in Surveys | Market Research Tips

    You might be able to get more out of your open-ended questions in an online survey than you might think. With the power of text analytics and automation, many survey tools now have the ability to calculate the sentiment of a respondent’s answer. A sentiment analysis takes a look at the text of an open-ended response and interprets whether it is positive, neutral, or negative in nature. Another popular application of this technique is the analysis of social media content. In the context of an on

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  • shopping-trips-market-research-01172019

    Understanding Accompanied Shopping Trips | Market Research Benefits

    Sometimes in market research, reliance on a respondent’s memory just won’t do the trick to get the true answers. This is usually most true for research that requires many fine details or focuses on interactions with surroundings, like shopping research. Simulations do a better job of evoking the mindset of a real-world experience for participants but can still suffer from feeling too artificial. In cases like these, the best methodology is often an Accompanied Shopping Trip (AST). Also known a

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  • consider-research-partner-01072019

    4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Market Research Partner

    We are living in the age of consumer convenience. Shipping is as fast as the blink of an eye. Purchases can be made online with a single click. Customer support is available around the clock. Businesses are catering to the demands of consumers like never before. Now we are seeing businesses that want to experience this new standard of service for themselves, and who can blame them? In the market research industry, these emerging client needs can be met through a partnership between the client a

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  • report=grab-attention-readers-market-research-12272018

    4 Ways to Make Your Qualitative Report Grab Attention of Readers

    In market research, visualization of qualitative findings is a bit trickier than quantitative findings. With a quantitative market research methodology such as an online survey, you know from the start that you can share charts and tables to display the data. Much of this process can be automated, as well. With qualitative methodologies like focus groups and in-depth interviews, the resulting data often consists of transcripts, moderator notes, and activity sheets. Presenting these ideas typica

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  • Market-research-questions-avoid-12192018

    Market Research Firm NY | Leading Questions and How to Avoid Them

    Bias is one of the most threatening factors in market research. After all, if the data can't be trusted, what good are the results? A common bias in market research online surveys or interviews is a leading question. A leading question is worded in such a way that the respondent is influenced to answer the question unnaturally. Though there are other errors to look out for in a survey, a leading question has immediate notable consequences. A recent read of the Quirk's article, "Small changes c

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  • stats-syracuse-dma-market-research-12142018.jpeg

    10 Weird Stats About The Syracuse DMA

    As a Syracuse resident for over 3 years, I become more curious about the history and makeup of the area with every passing day. Recently, I did a little research of my own to get a deeper understanding of the place I call home, and the results were rather surprising. Using a tool called Demographics Now by eSite Analytics at Drive Research, I discovered a variety of secondary data for the Syracuse Designated Market Area, or DMA. DMAs are often used to define areas for media and advertising purc

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  • nyc-construction-attorney-process-12042018

    Case Study: NYC Construction Worker Survey for Attorney Selection Process

    With over eight and a half million residents, New York City is one of the best locations for conducting market research in the country. Drive Research is well-equipped to target respondents here for almost all methodologies. Recently, we completed a study with a leading Staten Island media agency to gather the opinions of construction workers in New York City. The main goal of this research initiative was to build an understanding of how construction workers seek legal help if they become inju

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