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  • mystery shopping for retail | shirt, store front, online shopping on phone

    How to Overcome Challenges in Retail with Mystery Shopping

    Retail is a more competitive space than ever before. Brick and mortar stores are suffering from declining foot traffic. Online retailers are struggling to differentiate from competition. As a result, executing an informed customer strategy is critical for any retail business. What is mystery shopping? Mystery shopping market research (or secret shopping) is one effective way to help tackle these challenges faced within the retail sector. This market research practice involves a "mystery shoppe

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  • 4 Benefits of Mystery Shopping

    4 Benefits of Mystery Shopping | Market Research Video

    Mystery shopping or secret shopping is one of the most unique and engaging services in market research. What exactly is mystery shopping? Mystery shopping is a form of both qualitative and quantitative market research using professionally trained shoppers to evaluate an experience in a natural storefront or retail environment. It is not only for grocery stores, but any business that offers some level of customer service. This includes colleges, financial institutions such as banks or credit u

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  • power tool users participate in an ethnographic study

    Case Study: Mobile Market Research Firm Recruits Power Tool Users for Ethnographic Study

    When marketing or design businesses are tasked by their clients to include research into their project, a qualitative recruiting market research company is often contacted to help connect them with the right participants for the study. It is not uncommon for the study to be fully executed but simply lack access to the targeted audience. Once partnered with a qualitative recruiting company, the marketing or design company can lean on them to find high-quality participants to complete research ta

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  • creating the ultimate participant experience | people on their cell phones

    4 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Participant Experience in Market Research

    Working in market research, it is always important to remember that participants are not emotionless robots. And no, we don't count survey-taking bots that just want to hack the system and collect the rewards. Our market research company designs these projects and studies for our clients but, it is important to remember the participants are the ones actually completing the studies. With that in mind, those conducting market research need to consider the participant experience as much as anythi

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  • memory reconstruction interviews | blurred out city landscape

    What Are Memory Reconstruction Interviews? | Explaining the Benefits and Process

    Focus groups are a well-known qualitative market research methodology for taking a deep-dive into participant's attitudes and perceptions. But did you know there is an even deeper level of research in the toolbox? This underused but powerful methodology is known as memory reconstruction interviews. More than likely a specialty of a market research company, memory reconstruction interviews are a form of qualitative research that channel emotions and reasoning with regard to a participant's past

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  • 5 tips for a client dashboard | car dashboard

    5 Tips for a Client Dashboard | Online Survey Company

    Who doesn't love the ability to view real-time data? We certainly understand why businesses who hire a market research company find value in it. A customized dashboard or portal is a powerful tool that gives an organization the ability to see data collected by their market research partner at their own convenience. Within market research, there is a high level of transparency to see exactly how an online survey is performing and up-to-the-second results. A client dashboard is a good fit for onl

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  • tips=program-survey-market-research-video

    4 Tips to Program Your Survey | Market Research Video

    Online surveys are used in many different facets as it is a great market research methodology to answer major business challenges. Are you looking for customer feedback? Or interested in measuring employee engagement? Perhaps you are developing a new product and need to better define the market area you are entering. Regardless of the objective, online surveys are an easy and cost effective tool to drive business decisions with fact-based data to back you up. With that being said, an online sur

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  • approached-analyzing-open-ended-survey-response

    4 Approaches to Analyzing Open-Ended Survey Responses

    You can always learn something interesting when you include an open-ended question in an online survey. They are most beneficial when there is any uncertainty about the answers a respondent might provide to your question. With an open-ended question, researches can give respondents a text box and let them speak their mind. However, the first time you look at all the responses together in the data file, you might have an important question of your own: What is the best approach to analyzing all

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  • Advantages-Disadvantages-Mobile-Kiosk-Surveys

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Kiosk Surveys

    It seems like kiosks are showing up more and more in everyday consumer experiences. Actions such as printing your boarding pass at an airport or searching the directory of a mall have been taken over by the growth of digital kiosks. Did you know you can take surveys at some of the latest mobile kiosks? Often placed near the exit of retail stores, these mobile kiosk surveys are displays with an embedded device for consumers to take a programmed questionnaire. The idea is for a customer to answer

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  • VOC-Questions-Need-Asking-Video

    3 Voice of Customer (VoC) Questions You Need to be Asking | Market Research Video

    Your business has decided to run a Voice of Customer (VoC) program. Your organization as next decided to create an online survey for your VoC program. To best reach your customers and non-customers, your organization feels it is most beneficial to include the link to the online survey in an email. You hit send on the email and it is received by your entire contact list. This may include customers, potential customers, and the general public. Online survey responses start flooding in. However, a

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  • 6 Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

    6 Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

    Customers are becoming experts at identifying paid advertisements and instinctively diverting their attention elsewhere. Customers do not want to be sold to. Instead, when they are ready to buy, they do their own research on their path to purchase. Think about the way you shop. Do you scroll past ads or stop to review? Personally, I hover my mouse over the 'Skip Ad' button on YouTube before I even have a chance to consume the ad. As a business, how do you overcome this client or customer evolu

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  • consumer-loyalty-survey-market-research-06262019

    Consumer Loyalty Survey | How to Measure Consumer Loyalty

    It is anyone's best guess where consumers' loyalties lie. However, a consumer loyalty survey uses data and facts to help a company or brand reduce the unknown and identify key drivers in measuring returning customers. It is not as easy as a consumer using your product one-time for he or she to indefinitely fall in love and never switch to a competitor. There are multiple emotional, psychological, and social factors in which encourages recurring usage of a product for consumers. So what is real

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