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  • Process for Executive Research Interviews | IDIs

    A 13-Step Process for Executive Research Interviews | IDIs

    In-depth interviews (IDIs) are a tried and true form of qualitative research that can provide a research team with a lot of insight. IDIs are exactly what they sound like, extended interviews with research participants (customers, non-customers, stakeholders) that allow the interviewer to dig deep into perceptions, thoughts, and a decision-making process. Essentially, an IDI works like a survey but allows for more probing on responses, includes more open-ended questions, and lasts at least 15 to

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  • using surveys to qualify leads lead qualification survey company syracuse

    Using Surveys to Qualify Leads? | Lead Qualification Survey Company Syracuse

    What do you ask in a lead qualification survey? Surveys are a window into your prospects’ and customers’ mind. A well-designed survey can lend insight into a decision-makers thoughts and how he or she will approach a purchase. The survey can even delve into importance of specific criteria when choosing a product or service. The questionnaire can also cover preferred marketing channels and message testing among your key prospects. You’ll find out where they spend their time (social media, blogs,

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  • tips for a better research interview

    5 Tips for a Better Research Interview | Market Research Company

    In-depth interviews (IDIs) are a form of qualitative research where an interviewer uses a script or moderator's guide to conduct a formal research interview with a participant. They differ from surveys in they typically last much longer (upwards of 15 to 20 minutes or more) and focus more on obtaining open-ended exploratory feedback rather than data to be quantified. IDIs are one of, if not the most insightful methodologies in market research because they allow for extensive one-on-one time with

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