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Working with Our Albany Phone Survey Company 

What is a phone survey?

Phone surveys started as a core marketing research methodology many years ago and have stood the test of time as a leading market research study. Both qualitative and quantitative, phone interviews focus on obtaining in-depth feedback via a two-way active conversation between a professional interviewer and research participants. 

What are the benefits of a phone survey?

Phone surveys are advantageous for organizations seeking a high quality of data and feedback through market research. Because phone surveys encourage an active and personable communication forum, they are not limited by how little or how much a response a participant will provide. If an interviewer is looking for additional information or more insight into the answer of a phone survey respondent, they can simply ask for the participant to expand upon the original answer. This luxury is not possible in other types of marketing research such as online surveys or mail surveys.

What is the phone survey process?

Our phone survey company near Albany follows a streamlined process for our phone interviews. If selected as your phone survey vendor, Drive Research will meet with your team during a scheduled kickoff meeting to review project objectives, expectations, and timeline. The questions to be asked during the phone survey is drafted and sent to your team to review and approve.

Once the phone survey is programmed into our computer-assisted-telephone-interviewing program (CATI), it is tested and ready to launch. After the phone interviews are complete, our phone survey firm near Albany begins analysis and reporting. Drive Research prides ourselves on the reports we’ve provided for businesses in Albany and surrounding areas. It is not just a report of the main findings, but also includes context and recommendations for your organization to take next steps and maximize your ROI. 

How much do phone surveys cost?

The cost of a phone survey is hard to define with little detail into an organization’s specific goals and objectives for completing this type of market research. Before our phone survey company near Albany is able to provide a more defined estimate, we will work with your team to determine the best plan of action. This includes how many participants you’d like to be interviewed, the length of time each survey will take, if there is an incentive to participate in the phone survey, and so on. Defining these research attributions will allow Drive Research to offer a clear price point for your Albany phone survey.  

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