Mystery Shopping

  • Should You Use a Third-Party Research Company for Mystery Shopping?

    Should You Use a Third-Party Research Company for Mystery Shopping?

    If you are interested in conducting mystery shops for your business, it may seem straightforward enough to conduct on your own. Mystery shopping is a market research methodology in which information is collected from a business by undercover researchers posing as consumers. This is often done to assess a competitor’s company or even your own company to gain a more accurate perspective on customer experience. Here’s a quick video describing four key benefits of mystery shopping. You might as w

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  • 4 Benefits of Mystery Shopping

    4 Benefits of Mystery Shopping | Market Research Video

    Mystery shopping or secret shopping is one of the most unique and engaging services in market research. What exactly is mystery shopping? Mystery shopping is a form of both qualitative and quantitative market research using professionally trained shoppers to evaluate an experience in a natural storefront or retail environment. It is not only for grocery stores, but any business that offers some level of customer service. This includes colleges, financial institutions such as banks or credit u

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    The Value of Mystery Shopping and How to Plan for Success

    How do clients obtain information about a competitor or other company of interest without walking through the door or placing an online order themselves? The answer is the methodology known as mystery shopping. Researchers employ mystery shopping when there is a desire to understand the details of a process or experience first-hand. Mystery shopping can be conducted in-person, online, or over the phone, depending on the objectives. Mystery Shopping is an effective way to understand the custom

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    5 Insights from a Mystery Shopping Company

    Among all of the different types of methodologies our market research company offers, mystery shopping might get the most questions. What is it? How does it work? How do I sign up? Well, signing up is probably the most simple task. Join our panel here. As mystery shopping projects come along in your area, we'll email or call you. The other questions are a bit more challenging because the methodology is very flexible. That is one of the major benefits of pursuing a project with a mystery shoppin

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