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mystery shopping in albany, ny with drive research

Working with Our Albany Mystery Shopping Company 

What is mystery shopping?

Whether it be in the qualitative or quantitative sense, mystery shopping involves a secret shopper acting as a real customer to evaluate their experiences in-store, online, or over the phone. Secret shoppers can be trained in-detail about certain scenarios to test, or completely unbiased with little insight into what they are evaluating until the shops are over. Mystery shops are typically used by organizations with some type of in-store foot traffic or staffed customer service representatives. 

What are the benefits of mystery shopping?

There are several benefits to conducting mystery shopping research near Albany. It provides a closer look into many aspects of your business such as: 

  • Levels of service
  • Product availability
  • Cleanliness of store
  • Friendliness of staff 
  • Staff knowledge

Mystery shopping allows organizations in Albany and surrounding areas to gain reliable, specific, and quality feedback from their customer’s point of view. The feedback collected from mystery shops leads to better customer retention by improving the level of customer service. 

How does the mystery shopping process work?

A mystery shopping company near Albany, like Drive Research acts as an extension of your team to understand your project requirements. This may be wanting to conduct a few mystery shops one time, or a series of shops over the course of a year. With this background, Drive Research is able to provide a proposal, explaining the scope of work and cost for the mystery shops. If accepted as your mystery shopping company of choice, our team will schedule a 30-60 minute meeting to discuss expectations, timelines, deliverables, and responsibilities.

From here, our team will draft an evaluation form, conduct fieldwork, collect feedback for analysis purposes, and provide an in-depth mystery shops research report to your team. The reporting process followed by our Albany mystery shopping company provides a detailed look into a customer’s shopping experience and recommendations for using this feedback to improve problem areas. 

How much does mystery shopping cost?

The answer to this question is typically followed by more questions. 

  • Are you wanting to conduct quantitative or qualitative mystery shops - or perhaps, a combination of both? 
  • Does the mystery shop involve evaluating in-store experiences or conversations with an online customer service representative? 
  • How many locations are being evaluated? 

Drive Research is happy to answer these questions and provide insight into what we think is best for your team’s specific objective. With this, we are able to provide a closer estimate for your mystery shopping project. 

Drive Research’s mystery shopping programs for you are like being there as a customer, without being there. Contact our mystery shopping firm near Albany for a quote, estimate, or proposal.

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