Mystery Shopping

At Drive Research, we take the mystery out of your shoppers' experience. Our services provide you with the feedback you need on your place of business, its employees, and the experience.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a form of market research using professionally trained shoppers to assess an experience in a natural storefront or retail environment. Mystery shopping can be either qualitative or quantitative research and can be conducted at stores, colleges, or any type of business which involves some level of customer service.


How does Mystery Shopping work?

This can range from calling customer service with a common issue, to visiting a college's admissions department to ask questions, to visiting a retail location to assess the cleanliness and customer service offered. Mystery shoppers are trained to evaluate an experience and fill out a post-visit assessment.


Why Mystery Shopping with Drive Research?

Businesses work with a mystery shopping company like Drive Research to customize an evaluation form with real-life scenarios to test. Drive Research works with your team to design evaluation forms and understand your unique project needs.


Our reporting process not only assesses the mystery shopping experience but also uses case summaries in our report to walk you through the mystery shops step-by-step. These case summaries recap the mystery shopping session for the report reader. It's being there without being there.

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