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Sentiment analysis is a type of market research that's been thrown around a bit more of late. It's been of particular interest over the past decade or so as social media usage has exploded. Brands realize that consumers are talking about their products and forming opinions every second of every day on social media. As a result, companies are trying to quantify all of these perceptions and attitudes towards their brands, products, and services. Conversation is happening, and sentiment analysis attempts to provide concrete data for all of it.

What is Sentiment Analysis? | Market Research Company Utica, NY

What is sentiment analysis in market research?

Sentiment Analysis is very simply measuring opinions and attitudes towards those same brands, products, and services. Rather than asking about behavior, sentiment attempts to scale feelings. Many firms specialize in social tracking software that apply quantitative measurements to these attitudes. Using social media as an example for sentiment analysis, it would be a tabulation of all those comments and conversations had online. A more basic and traditional form of sentiment analysis is by asking an attitude or perception question in a survey (e.g., what is your perception of Company XYZ? what is your impression of Product A? Why?)

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