What is a Nested Sample? | Marketing Research Company Syracuse, NY

What is a Nested Sample? | Marketing Research Company Syracuse, NY

With so many different samples to choose from in market research (from probabilistic to non-probabilistic) it's easy to lose track of your options. In some cases in market research you may have used a nested sample without even knowing it. What is a nested sample? A nested sample is a series of stages in which people from each new sample are selected from a prior segment of sample.

For example, here is an application of a nested sample using clusters. Let's say Girardi's Grocery Store wants to determine how a redesign of its store layout will impact its most loyal customers. Girardi's has 12 different grocery store locations across the state. Its first objective is to determine how to define a loyal customer so Girardi's conducts a loyalty survey collecting 4,000 completes from customers called at random. From this sample of 4,000, Girardi's works with its market research consultant in Syracuse, NY to define and cluster a sample of loyal customers (e.g., shopped at Girardi's at least once a week over the past 6 months, spend at least $100 in total groceries each time, reference Girardi's as their primary grocery store visited, etc.)

It is determined approximately 650 customers out of the 4,000 surveyed fall into this loyal customer cluster. Girardi's then works with its market research consultant to scope out a series of four focus group sessions with these loyal customers to better understand perceptions and impact of the new store design. The sample of 650 is called at random to recruit for the qualitative sessions which offers an incentive of $150 for participating. The nested sample used for the focus group recruitment was a sub-segment of the sample used for the quantitative loyalty survey in Step 1.

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