What is a Lead Generation Survey?

Companies and organizations often partner with market research companies in Albany and across Upstate New York to conduct lead generation surveys with decision-makers. This type of market research provides dual-benefits to organizations seeking this data. The first benefit is collecting vital decision-making criteria, profiling information, and behavioral data which can educate marketing decisions. The second benefit is the survey will serve as a lead generator for the sales team to build awareness for the organization as well as tangible leads to introduce relationship and revenue.

If conducted credibly, lead generation surveys first serve as an excellent market research tool to collect decision-making criteria from respondents. The secondary benefit is a potential relationship builder.

What is a Lead Generation Survey? | Market Research Albany NY

What is a Lead Generation Survey?

To address the objectives at-hand for a lead generation survey, our market research firm which serves Albany and Upstate NY recommends a telephone survey methodology. This is often required because B2B decision-makers are difficult to reach online. Calling by telephone allows the interveiwer to seek out the appropriate role and title at each company. Also, if you survey this audience using a B2B panel, the panel house will not release contact information of members making the lead generation a moot point.

How do you get started with a survey?

During the kickoff meeting, the market research firm works with the organizational team to identify criteria to purchase a targeted list of end-user decision-makers from a preferred vendor who offers lists. This can include targeted roles, titles, business sizes, and industries using SIC codes. This list which will include B2B names, phone numbers, and addresses and can be passed to the client as another deliverable for the project as a raw Excel CSV file.

The lead generation surveys typically last 10 to 15 questions and lasts no longer than 3 to 5 minutes. Several options exist for the questionnaire including areas such as decision-making factors when choosing the product or service, awareness and perceptions of the client, satisfaction with current usage of the product or service, usage of marketing sources and information, and a final question which will ask the participant if they would like a follow-up from the sponsoring company.

A workplan is developed following the kickoff meeting which highlights key tasks, dates, and responsible parties.

What does the setup and design look like?

The lead generation survey is programmed online so it can be completed through computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI). Real-time results from the survey are made available to the client. A passcode protected link is shared which will allow the client team to view the data tabulated as it is collected. Any survey respondents who request a follow-up from the sponsoring company will be flagged and passed to the team within 24 business hours.

What does the reporting structure look like?

In addition to the real-time data, our market research firm serving Albany will prepare a monthly one-page summary report infographic that will highlight the key data findings from the survey results. This report will add key interpretations, insights, and recommendations to be acted upon for marketing and sales teams. This may include items to improve marketing messaging, manage marketing budgets in appropriate channels, understanding competitive usage, and opportunities to build awareness of the sponsoring company.

What is the cost?

The cost is broken down into several sections. The first is a setup fee which involves kicking off the project and understand objectives and what the client would like to learn. The second piece is structuring the survey for CATI. This may involve several drafts and versions of the survey in order to finalize. The costs month-to-month vary depending on the number of hours and completed surveys the client would like to receive: 50, 100, 200, etc. The fee each month includes a project management fee and a reporting fee in addition to the hours of calls.

How can I get started with a lead generation survey?

Drive Research can help you take next steps and answer any questions you may have on the process. We'll develop a formal scope of work and proposal which highlights the process and provides you with the costs. Questions about lead generation surveys?

Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at 315-303-2040.

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