What is a DMA? | Syracuse DMA Data

A DMA in market research stands for designated market area. A designated market area is used for media, marketing, and advertising buys. Other common terms for a DMA include media market, broadcast market, and television market area. Those who live in the same designated market area receive the same television channels, similar traditional radio stations, and may share other media outlets such as newspapers.

DMAs in market research are important because they often comprise the target markets for both qualitative and quantitative research. Sample can be purchased and panel companies can filter pools of respondents so residents that solely live in specific DMAs are targeted for the study. This ensures your results are relevant to your target market of residents. Demographic and Census websites also allow users to filter statistics by preset DMAs. 

Market research firms like Drive Research can work closely with clients and advertising agencies to provide insight into media and usage habits of the residents in their respective DMAs. Therefore media buys can be based on statistically significant data and help guide ROI for advertising. Interested in gathering demographic or behavioral Syracuse DMA data or for another DMA in the country? Contact Drive Research at [email protected] for more information.

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