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We always knew Central New Yorkers loved beer, but now we have the data to support it. Drive Research conducted a Central New York Beer Survey which asked important questions to area residents about their favorite brews.

The online survey received 493 responses from those who live in the 7 county Syracuse designated market area (DMA). The survey was shared via Facebook postings and outreach to local members of the Drive Research survey panel. Drive Research fielded the survey from January 25 to February 17, 2019.

Respondents took an average of 6 minutes to answer the 14 questions, likely thirsty by the end. Keep reading below to get an inside look at the 10 most interesting findings of CNY beer drinkers from the survey.

We enjoy our beer here in Central New York so much we felt it deserved a survey all by itself. Check out the top 10 fun facts from the study.

1. Someone you know and love is a beer snob.

Almost 1 in 3 residents in CNY would classify themselves as beer snobs (28%). The majority of residents were fans but wouldn't consider themselves a braggart (60%).

2. Drinking beer from an ice luge has a niche community. 

One percent of CNY residents said their favorite way to consume beer is down an ice luge. The average CNY beer drinker was most likely to use a frosted glass (44%) or in a bottle without a koozie (24%). 

3. Who says you can't drink beer in the shower?

Nearly 1 in 5 residents believed taking a shower is improved with a beer in their hand. The most popular occasions that are better with beer are barbecues, parties, bars/clubs, and sporting events.

4. Classic American foods pair best with beer.

Bar food staples like chicken wings (85%), pizza (84%), burgers (81%), and pretzels (71%) were most commonly mentioned as complementary foods for beer.

5. Beer preference changes with the four seasons in CNY.

Lager was the most preferred style of beer in the summer months in CNY, and stout beer was favored for the harsh winters. IPAs were most preferred in both the fall and spring.

6. Millennials and their parents probably drink different beer.

CNY residents under the age of 35 were more likely to prefer sour or wheat styles of beer throughout the year when compared to their older counterparts. Those 35 or older more consistently favored lager beers.

7. If stranded on a desert island, CNY residents wouldn't be able to agree on what beer to bring.

A wide variety of brews were mentioned for the lone case of beer they would be granted. No beer was mentioned by more than 1 in 10 residents. The top picks were Saranac (8%), Blue Moon (7%), Sam Adams (7%), and Bud Light (6%).

8. CNY residents would go to great lengths for their favorite beer at a BBQ.

Nearly two thirds (64%) of CNY residents would take some kind of action to get their favorite beer at a barbecue if someone grabbed the last available one. Few (6%) would go as far as to lick the top of the beer can to claim it and shrug their shoulders. 

9. The most important factors when it comes to beer are taste, brand, and being locally brewed.

CNY residents rated alcohol content, price, and calorie amount as less important when choosing beer. Beer that comes from a local brewery was more important to beer snobs, but price was even less of a factor.

10. There is widespread interest in craft beer and breweries.

Half of CNY residents said they were very interested in craft beer or microbreweries. Those under 35 years old were significantly more likely to have interest. Less than half (40%) residents said they would like to see more breweries in Central New York. 

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