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Ethics are constantly evolving, especially in the world of market research. Information and data are powerful. When organizations have access to this type of information it also has a responsibility to make sure it is protected and used ethically.

Researchers have many specific responsibilities when it comes to conducting market research. Learn more about tips to practice ethical research below from our market research company in NY.

Tips to Practice Ethical Market Research | Market Research Company NY

Use these tips to practice ethical market research.

Tip #1: Confidentiality

All respondents must be guaranteed the right to full confidentiality when participating in a market research study. If there is a case where a market research company wants to be able to disclose respondent-identifiable data, this must be clearly communicated to the respondent before any participation agreements are made.

It is not the responsibility of the participant to make sure information is kept confidential. The market research company in NY needs to ensure all stipulations are clearly laid out at the start of the process.

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Tip #2: Privacy

Market research companies also need to respect the privacy of participants. This goes beyond confidentiality to ensure if the participant requests not to be contacted again or to be put on a no call or email list, the market research company in NY must respect those wishes.

Whether or not the respondent’s information or contact is valuable to the study, it is the responsibility of the company to make sure they are not contacted in the future.

Tip #3: No Harassment

As a respondent, it can feel like communication from a market research company in NY is too frequent. To avoid this, many market research companies set a maximum number of reminders or attempts to contact in order to ensure the participant does not feel like he or she is being bothered or annoyed.

Tip #4: Voluntary Participation and Informed Consent

When conducting market research, it is imperative to ensure people are not coerced into participating. This goes back to being open and honest with participants. It is especially relevant when researchers have previously relied on captive audiences, such as universities, clubs, and other related institutions and organizations.

Additionally, market research companies must ensure there is required informed consent. This means potential research participants must be fully informed about risks and proceedings that may be involved in the study, and must give their consent to participate.

Consent does not always mean participants must sign a legal document, but there may need to be some sort of consent given before the study begins. This could take various forms, from requiring a signed terms and conditions document to a check box on an online survey that informs consent.

Tip #5: Reporting

Not only do market researchers have a responsibility to uphold when it comes to research participants, but this same responsibility should also be carried over when reporting research findings to clients and the public.

A market research team must clearly communicate who the research is for, including the name of the market research company and the organization for which the study was conducted. This ensures the reader has full knowledge of where the data came from, which is important to understand the findings.

The participant pool should also be defined within the market research results. This may include age range, gender, and location of the study participants, as well as other demographic frames.

Choosing the right methodology is crucial. Since methodology can change drastically from one study to another, it is important for readers to fully understand the findings. If results are communicated poorly, many other findings from the study may be misinterpreted.

The purpose of the study must also be clearly shared with public and/or client. Data can be understood differently based on the purpose of the study. Having this knowledge before reviewing results can help the reader understand the information with the correct lens.

In Summary

There are many different facets to ethics in market research. A market research company in NY is responsible for more than just clients when conducting research. They must make sure the market research conducted is ethical. This gives the participant, client, and public the most accurate and genuine experience possible. It also ensures the market research company is upholding all duties to everyone involved.

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