Syracuse Focus Group Facility Video Tour

Take a tour of our new focus group facility in Upstate, New York. It’s here that businesses from all over the country choose to conduct focus groups with the assistance of our qualitative market research and recruitment team.

Syracuse has long been known as one of the best cities for market research studies. It is a mirror of America with similar demographics in age, household incomes, and other demographics.

This video includes details about facility specifications, the convenience of our Syracuse location for travelers near and far, cutting-edge technology, qualitative recruitment support, and more!

Time Stamps

  • 0:20 Benefits of focus groups in Syracuse
  • 0:38 Convenience of our focus group facility for travelers
  • 1:05 Participant waiting room
  • 1:31 Focus group room with a flexible layout request
  • 2:32 Cutting-edge technology
  • 3:33 Client viewing room
  • 4:12 Private client refrigerator and snack cart
  • 4:24 4 Private office spaces
  • 4:57 Qualitative recruiters
  • 5:18 Popular qualitative and quantitative services


Convenient Location for All Travelers

The new focus group facility at Drive Research is easily accessible from the New York State Thruway and Interstate-81. With 11 hotels located within 1-mile of our focus group facility and just minutes away from the Syracuse Hancock International Airport and Amtrack station, Drive Research is conveniently located for travelers near and far. Our focus group facility in Central New York is also directly across the street from a Centro bus stop location.

While Drive Research is just minutes away from Downtown Syracuse, our facility does not share the same limited parking frustrations. Participants and clients enjoy the added bonus of free, ample parking outside of our focus group facility.

Participant Waiting Room

Upon arriving, focus group participants are greeted and welcomed to sit in our spacious waiting room. Clients and participants alike will be greeted by a host at the reception area. Our guests will always have a point of contact and answer any questions.

This is also often an area our clients choose to provide food and beverage for participants prior to the focus groups or during a break in discussion.

Focus Group Room

Drive Research’s large 29’ long by 14’ wide focus group room has the flexibility to meet any desired layout request. Our six, 5’ by 2’ tables can be moved to any formation.

Whether you prefer conference style seating, classroom style seating, or horseshoe style seating, our reconfigure table settings are able to match all types of accommodations.

Our focus group room is equipped with a 16’ long magnetic whiteboard extending down the far wall. The magnetic whiteboard is perfect for displaying visuals such as logos, posters, and product prototypes or to doodle notes and tallies from the focus group.

Clients also have the option of using our compact and mobile magnetic whiteboard with flip chart capabilities. It has the functionality to roll and move anywhere in the room, allowing all participants to see notes clearly.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Today, a top focus group facility must have the latest and greatest technology. With Drive Research, clients have access to state-of-the-art capabilities such as our:

  • 82” Samsung UHD TV
  • A HuddleCamHD camera offering crystal clear video with zoom capabilities
  • Free Verizon Fios high-speed internet with fast download and upload speeds
  • A Shure ceiling array microphone to capture 360-degree audio

The Shure ceiling array microphone has 8 microphones built into one so participants anywhere in the room can be recorded and heard loud and clear.

We also offer HD streaming capabilities through a private channel allowing an off-site viewer to watch the groups live, pause the feed, rewind the feed, chat with other viewers, and even watch on-the-go on their mobile device.

Client Viewing Room

Drive Research invites all of our clients to experience focus groups in person for the ultimate viewing experience. Our spacious 14’ by 14’ client viewing room holds comfortable, tiered seating with front-row desk height seating as well as high-top desks with stool seating. The room easily sits 7 but can fit up to 10 people if needed.

Guests are able to subtly watch the group conversations with dimmable lighting and one-way mirror in the viewing room. Our Crutchfield JBL Pro speakers also relay back conversations from the focus group discussion seamlessly.

With our private client refrigerator and snack cart, Drive Research offers guests a variety of food and drinks to enjoy while watching the focus group discussion to keep you fueled up while you are in Syracuse.

Clients also have the option of ordering food from many of the close by restaurants in Syracuse. Popular eateries include Tully's, Brooklyn Pickle, Dinosaur Barbecue, Pastabilities, and more!

Private Office Spaces

Drive Research understands other work continues while you are traveling to watch a focus group and it’s important to have quiet spaces to get-away, jump on a phone call, or check emails. Our client guests are welcome to use any of our 4 private office spaces at our focus group facility in Syracuse.

Our private offices include:

  • Adjustable height desks
  • Stools with foot rests
  • USB charging ports
  • A 24” widescreen monitor

The 24" widescreen monitor allows clients to connect their laptop to view their work on a bigger screen or extend their desktop

National Full-Service Market Research Firm

Drive Research is not just a focus group facility, but a full-service market research firm. We offer a unique and tested approach to find the most challenging participants cost-effectively for clients all over the country.

Our team of dedicated qualitative recruiters can manage as much or as little as you need for your focus group project. We also offer a full range of quantitative and qualitative market research services.

For more information about our focus group facility in Syracuse, click here.

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