Product Naming Surveys: How to Find the Perfect Product Name with Market Research

After spending months or even years perfecting your product, you are ready to introduce it to the market.

However, there's just one thing missing: the perfect product name.

The right product name has many advantages and could be a key factor in the success of the product.

In this blog post, our market research company discusses product naming surveys as well as tips and tricks on the process of finding the perfect product name. 

Find the  Perfect Product Name with Surveys

The Process of Finding the Perfect Product Name with Surveys

Step 1: Brainstorm ideas 🧠

There are several tactics to get started with coming up with a great name.

Common product name brainstorming tactics include:

  • Descriptive words: Ex. Band-Aid, Post-Its
  • Real words: Ex. Air Jordan
  • Made up words: Ex. Doritos
  • Blended words: Ex. McNuggets 
  • Misspelled words: Ex. Kleenex 

Another important tool is to look at your brand and your already existing products.

Your brand and products should work together, so the addition of a new product should fit in with your brand with similar language and vocabulary.

The best example of this is Apple products and the “i” in their product name. This has led to cohesiveness in their product lines such as iPhone, iMac, iPad, and iPod. 

Step 2: Survey Target Consumers 📊

This step is one that is crucial and often overlooked, it’s testing the product name.

Once you have a product name in mind, use market research methods to your advantage, like brand awareness surveys or feasibility studies services offered at Drive Research.

By testing the product and the product name before it launches with your target audience, it ensures that you are delivering the message you want.

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Tips for Finding the Perfect Product Name

Finding the perfect name can have a direct correlation to the success of the new product.

Great product names share similar qualities such as:

  • Excitement: It should invoke emotion, or feeling that aligns with the brand image of your company. 
  • Pronunciation: How does the product name sound when said in a conversation- is it easy to pronounce? 
  • Relevancy: Make sure the product name is relevant to the positioning of your product. 
  • Uniqueness: How different is this product name from the competition? 
  • Versatility: Decide if the product is a stand-alone product or a part of a larger line of products.

Mistakes to avoid when naming a product include:

  • Hard to say, hear or spell: When naming your product, make sure that it is easy to pronounce. A lot of marketing happens through word of mouth so if it’s too difficult to pronounce then customers won't remember it. 
  • Generic: Ensure that a name balances between too descriptive and too generic- if a product name is generic then you will just sound like every other product and customers might not know what exactly you are selling.  

Looking for more new product development tips? Watch this short video.

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