15 Low-Cost Options for Surveying Employees 

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Employee satisfaction levels are at the core of any business. 

When employees are unhappy or happy, it’s easily seen in the success of your company.

A number of factors can contribute to workplace culture and long-term employment, which is why you need to be using employee surveys to find out what they are. 

Maybe your employees think your company’s culture is flawed, or maybe they love it. Maybe they feel overworked or maybe they love the flexibility of their job.

For instance, a recent survey by our team showed that 56% of Americans would rather work a 40-hour work week in 4-days instead of 5 days.

Perhaps it's something to consider for your own organization?

In this blog post, we've compiled many low-cost options for surveying employees including the pros and cons of each platform. These are the best tools to improving workplace culture.

Thankfully, there are many low-cost options for surveying employees, as we've compiled below. Utilize these tools to generate custom data for your organization to understand exactly what factors lead to improved workplace culture.

Drive Research 

Best for organizations looking for a tool that outsources the entire employee survey project

Drive Research is an employee survey company with over 80 years of combined experience in marketing research.

While best-known for their custom, end-to-end employee satisfaction survey projects we’ve also introduced the perfect turn-key solution that resonates with all types of organizations.

Each survey package includes professionally written employee survey questions to yield accurate results, rather than you having to write and program your own survey questions.

Topics covered in our pre-written, 46-question survey include:

  • Likelihood to recommend as a place to work (eNPS)
  • Comparison to past employers
  • Work engagement
  • Relationship management

Better yet, you’re able to survey employees with complete confidentiality. 

When employees receive a survey invitation from Drive Research (and not internal HR or leadership teams) they are given the confidence to share their opinions honestly, leading to more honest feedback.

Platform highlights

  • Third-party survey invitations and reminders to ensure confidentiality
  • Includes pre-written, professional employee survey questions
  • The survey is pre-programmed, so no complex coding is necessary
  • Launches in 48 hours or less
  • Live reporting link with passcode with up-to-the-second results
  • Exportable question-by-question report
  • Dedicated project manager 
  • Additional reporting options such as infographics and expert recommendations

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Best for quick, pulse employee surveys

One of the top low-cost options for surveying employees, Lattice offers a full range of essential survey tools for employees. Lattice combines both employee performance metrics and engagement data, allowing users to view their progress first-hand. 

The platform also fosters collaboration between management and employees. Actionable suggestions are provided based on what your employees are saying, so you’re not left out to dry. 

Don’t forget–Lattice has a pretty impressive project management tool, as well. Within this section, you’ll get 1:1 meetings, ongoing feedback, and a “praise” feature for public kudos. 

Platform highlights: 

  • Pulse surveys
  • Engagement surveys
  • Onboarding tools
  • Collaboration-friendly platform 
  • Extensive performance management tools

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Best for organizations looking for consultancy

15Five offers a simplified yet detailed solution for any company with employee woes. 

Their engagement assessment features a scientifically-backed insights dashboard, where findings can easily be measured. 15Five also lets users measure responses on a micro or macro-level, depending on your unique needs. 

And don’t worry, you won’t just be given results with nowhere to go. 15Five has a crew of executive advisors ready to help you put together an actionable strategy, based on what your survey reveals. 

15Five also has a useful “transform” feature, designed just for managers. Made up of different styles of training sessions, this tool focuses on promoting managerial skills in the workplace. 

Platform highlights: 

  • User-friendly design
  • Insights-based performance reviews
  • Coaching available 
  • Compatible on any device
  • Based on Human Potential Index 

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Vantage Circle

Best for short, 5-minute surveys

Vantage Circle has a number of useful features on its employee service platform. 

Questions can be easily tailored based on what your needs are, and are categorized for your employees to answer.

Surveys through Vantage Circle are fairly short, lasting only around 5 minutes. Heatmaps are available to view engagement levels. Vantage Circle also offers many discounts and cashback offers for top brands in shopping, travel, and more. 

Whether you’re a budding startup or established business, Vantage Circle’s survey options can be tailored to your company’s size. 

This platform also offers a simplified integration feature, compatible with HCM/HRIS platforms for an easier onboarding experience. 

Platform highlights: 

  • Internal benchmarks
  • Ongoing feedback
  • Simple customization 
  • White labeling 
  • Engagement heatmaps 

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Best for short, 5-minute surveys

Officevibe is chock-full of employee-centric features. If you’re overwhelmed by data, this platform delivers it to you in a digestible format. With 122 featured questions to choose from, you can choose specific points to cover in your survey instead of vague topics. 

Feedback is anonymous, so employees can feel comfortable being 100% open and honest. 

This site has a unique “good vibes” feature, where employees can recognize one another for their hard work. Additionally, you’ll be able to view data specific to recognition in the survey feedback. 

Platform highlights: 

  • Peer recognition reports
  • eNPS surveys
  • User-friendly data
  • Sleek and simple interface
  • Pulse surveys

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Survey Monkey 

Best for organizing employee feedback

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of Survey Monkey. One of the most popular employee survey platforms, Survey Monkey is a bit more expensive than some of our other options (but still affordable). 

Survey Monkey provides automated engagement strategies for surveying employees, all while gathering the highest quality data. The platform has a comprehensive collection of preexisting questions that cover everything from teamwork to stress levels. 

The “Core Factor Framework” is especially useful. Designed around the engagement data, this feature uses categorization to organize feedback. What users get is an easy-to-follow chart, allowing them to pinpoint key areas for improvement. 

Platform highlights: 

  • Prebuilt survey
  • Automated deployment 
  • User-friendly analysis tools
  • Quick insights
  • Customized branding 

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Best for an easy-to-use employee survey tool

StartQuestion provides users with a full list of beneficial employee insights, complete with a selection of carefully curated questions to simplify the process. Offering visually-appealing surveys, this platform is also easy to navigate for newbies. 

A handy “candidate experience” research tool also allows employers to follow the recruitment process. With this feature, job candidates will be given a short survey to fill out–this goes for those who were rejected from the position, too. 

StartQuestion also includes a “knowledge test” feature to improve training programs at a company. Questions for these knowledge tests can be broad and tailored to the needs of the company. 

Platform highlights: 

  • Insightful employee knowledge tests 
  • Comprehensive review 
  • Employee engagement focus 
  • Recruitment insights
  • Exit interviews 

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Ask Nicely 

Best for combining employee and customer feedback

Ask Nicely prioritizes both employee and customer experiences. Big on updates, Ask Nicely allows team leaders to notify their crew of important daily tasks. 

This platform also offers daily check-ins for employees, where they can rate their satisfaction levels.

Through this, employers will be able to track changes in employee satisfaction and touch bases with those that need it. A handy recognition tool lets leaders shout out employees who are doing well, and a staff rewards section unlocks achievements. 

Platform highlights: 

  • Frontline team member suggestions
  • Automated check-ins
  • Recognition tools
  • Employee coaching 
  • Staff rewards

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Best for real-time insights

Offering an in-depth employee engagement plan, Glint allows leadership to measure employee feedback in real-time.

The provided dashboards allow for simple, engaging use and categorize insights specific to leadership roles. 

Glint also provides users with an executive presentation of survey findings to help identify potential issues. Pairing with Microsoft Viva, Glint will display easy-to-read data insights based on engagement: metrics like workweek, 1:1 manager time, and more. 

Glint’s “360s” and “180s” tools–a highly detailed leadership/employee feedback system. These tools are designed to promote development between both management and employees. 

Platform highlights: 

  • KPI linkage 
  • Heat maps
  • Story visualizer 
  • Manager recommendations
  • Alerts for at-risk employee attrition 

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Best for scientifically-backed questions

Energage offers both detailed engagement and pulse surveys, with scientifically-backed questions. Questions and statements are continuously tested for relevance.

Their “workplace survey” provides employers with an easy-to-follow format and reliable structure. 

This platform also boasts extensive benchmarking data to get the most out of your survey.

In fact, Energage states they’ve collected feedback from 23 million surveys, so you know you’re getting valuable insights. 

Energage includes a high-quality DE&I tool, to ensure the questions included in your survey are a good fit for your audience. A useful data visualization feature brings this section to life, for fast understanding. 

Platform highlights: 

  • Accessible support team
  • Promotes retention
  • Pre-written survey questions
  • Quick surveys
  • Easy integration with other Energage systems

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All Voices 

Best for measuring diversity and inclusion

AllVoices has an impressive lineup of employee/workplace services, including company culture-centric surveying.

Allowing employees to answer questions anonymously, AllVoices covers important topics like DE&I, harassment, overall culture, and more. An automated feedback system ensures the quality of your data. 

A unique feature in AllVoices is their Whistleblower Hotline tool, where employees can leave anonymous messages should a negative experience arise.

Offering both a call-in and web tool, this hotline provides reliable security so information remains protected. 

Platform highlights: 

  • Custom URL
  • Slack integration
  • Report tracking
  • Useful data & analytics
  • Mobile-friendly 

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Best for sending employee rewards and recognitions

Kudos prides itself on employee recognition–a key element of its many features.

Featuring recognition tools, Kudos uses personal “rewards” to shout out star employees and their wins.

A fun point system feature lets staff accrue recognition points, which can then be used on a gift card of their choice. This emphasis on recognition ties in directly with their workplace culture features. 

A Culture Accelerator tool provides creative insight based on your company’s unique needs. This tool is easy to navigate and clearly spells out objectives. 

Platform highlights: 

  • Peer recognition 
  • Easy integration 
  • Culture Accelerator tool 
  • Recognizes employee achievements
  • Accessible on all devices

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Zoho Survey

Best for customization

Zoho Survey’s free plan is chock-full of important tools to boost employee satisfaction. Simple to use, their employee survey category covers everything from morale to engagement to benefits–just pick the style of survey you need. Customizable templates make the creation process a breeze, and there are many to choose from. 

Providing real-time updates, Zoho Survey features in-depth analytical reports (also able to be customized). This makes keeping updated with feedback easy, so you don’t fall behind. 

Platform highlights: 

  • Social sharing 
  • PDF export available
  • Pop-up surveys
  • Offers 20+ language options 
  • Website features embed survey 

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Best for setting company goals and KPIs

Betterworks, another big name in the research field, offers a comprehensive range of employee services. 

Their engagement section lets employees leave anonymous feedback, allowing for open and honest data. By using eNPS, employers can easily identify what’s working and what’s not at their company. Betterworks also offers in-depth action plans to help you sort out feedback. 

Additionally, Betterworks features an OKR & Goals section to stay on top of employee success. This tool allows employees to see company goals and how they contribute to objectives. 

Platform highlights: 

  • Insightful analytics 
  • Progress tracking 
  • Performance management tools
  • Quick integration
  • Sleek design 

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