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Drive Research, a home product testing market research company, recently completed another home appliance usage test. The home product test was conducted on behalf of a name brand home appliance company.

The goal of the research was to better understand how the target audience used a brand new version of the home appliance.

The study answered several questions including:

  • How often users turned on the appliance
  • How long the appliance was used for
  • Feedback on the effectiveness of the appliance

This post provides an in-depth look at how our team recruited for the home product testing market research and ensured high engagement throughout the study.

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Overview of home product testing project

Drive Research worked with a technology company on behalf of the manufacturer of the home appliance. The client wanted to test a brand new appliance with households across the U.S.

Participants were shipped a brand new appliance and asked periodic questions throughout the 8 week testing period.

A total of 75 participants were recruited, re-screened, and confirmed for the test.

Home product testing approach

To address the objectives at-hand, Drive Research recruited for this home product testing market research. Our company follows an exclusive in-house approach built for market research projects. Our method uses a step-by-step and task-oriented approach to project management from kickoff through completion.

The process to recruit participants for the home product testing started with emails to a randomized sample of those who fall into the targeted demographic using a national email list. An online survey was created to pre-screen the audience through email invitations.

Those who qualified received a re-screening and confirmation call to ask additional questions and confirm the core qualification criteria including shipping address.

Several qualifications needed to be met in order to participate in the study, such as:

  • Age
  • Pet ownership
  • Brand usage for the type of home appliance being tested

Drive Research recommended the client place a one-page instruction sheet in the shipment with the product. This instruction sheet included a step-by-step breakdown of expectations and what the follow-up survey or engagement will entail. Considering the length of the study, engagement with participants throughout the home product test was critical.

Participants of home product testing project

Participant drop-off is expected for all types of market research. For qualitative research drop-off is assumed to be within a range of 10% to 30% depending on the type of study.

Factors that effect drop-off include:

  • Length of study
  • Communication with participants
  • Study incentive

After the shipment was sent to participants, Drive Research managed participant engagement and reminder phone calls, emails, and texts. This helped ensure the highest potential participation in the market research.

If participants fully completed the study, they were offered to keep the brand new home appliance valued at over $100.

Home product testing project outcomes

The project was extremely successful. Throughout the entire project, our team stayed on-time and tuned into participant communication.

Our estimated home product testing project drop-off rate was expected to be between 10% to 30%. Our home product testing market research company fully completed the study with 73 of out of 75 participants. This is a 96% full participation rate which is extremely high for qualitative research.

Wondering how our home product testing market research company achieved such a high participation rate?

Here are three tips:

  1. Clearly explain the expectations upfront
  2. Stay in contact
  3. Use incentives as a motivator

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